What They’re Saying About Purdue After Losing Fairleigh Dickinson: “Exxon Valdez Mars.”

Purdue lost to Fairleigh Dickinson It was one of the biggest upsets in NCAA tournament history, if not the biggest.

While the Boilermakers had a chance to win it late on, it was still a top-ranked one. 1 stub against no. 16 seeds. By all means, these games should be a blast.

Because of this, the national media did not hold back in their disgust at Purdue’s defeat.

What a flaming rubbish barge, floating on the Wabash River. Purdue has an impressive legacy of success, but its current place in history as March’s Exxon Valdez has overshadowed everything else.

How a Big Ten regular season and tournament champion can lose to a team that hasn’t even won its conference championship, I’m not sure. Fairleigh Dickinson was defeated in the Northeast Conference title game by Merrimack, which didn’t qualify for the Big Ten as a transition school from Division 2. The NEC is horrible – 0-31 in the NCAA Tournament until this game. “

Doyle:Purdue will have to “sit it out” because not enough kettlebells hit FDU’s loss

Along with Virginia in all future references and wins, he will face Purdue, the Big Ten regular season champion and all-lost tournament champion, 63-58, to an unknown FDU before a sold-out and flipped crowd, becoming the second of number 152. 1 seed you lose to a number. 16 seeds since this seeding build-up began at this annual rave event in 1985.”

“How do you win the Big Ten regular season by a mile, roll in the conference tournament and then go out and lose to a team that ranked #275 in the efficiency rankings? A team that, by the way, only entered the NCAA Tournament because Merrimack, who beat Fairleigh Dickinson in the game NEC Championship, did not qualify for the big dance.

“You lose that match because you are afraid of it. Because you don’t have the mentality and strength to win it.”

Get upset Bordeaux:How the shortest team in the country found a way to keep the ball away from Zack Eddy

“If you wrote a movie script about upsetting an NCAA tournament, it would look exactly like this. During every possession on both sides of the earth on Friday, little enemies were chasing after Eddie. They were front and back and sides, trying to climb him like a jungle gym. Eddie looked like a camp counselor playing against the kids—and the kids won, 63-58. It’s the second 16-to-1 victory in NCAA Men’s Tournament history, and I’d argue an even bigger upset than UMBC’s win over Virginia in 2018.”

“For all the great things Purdue accomplished this season, winning the league and a Big Ten championship, the fact is that their season is now tarnished. This will not fade into the mists of history. This will leave a mark. This will be one of them on their permanent record, which is the permanent painter’s record,” he would add. To the general narrative is that Paint and Purdue are epic postseason finishers.This is the third year in a row the Kettlers have been fielded by a double-digit opponent—No. 13 North Texas in the first round, No. 15 St. Peter in the Sweet 16, And now, No. 16 Fairleigh Dickinson in Round 1. And don’t forget the 2016 loss to the No. 12 seed Arkansassmall rock. “

This article originally appeared on the Indianapolis Star: 2023 NCAA Tournament: Media thinks Purdue basketball ‘sucked’ in the loss

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