Vince McMahon asked Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt to find fish for a WWE angle at 2 a.m. – Wrestling Inc.

Continuing to talk about McMahon’s involvement in the match despite not being present at the “Hardy Complex”, Matt said that producer Michael Hayes, writer Ed Kosky, and others tried to contact McMahon but “ghosted” the WWE boss until very late in the match. practical. During their conversation, McMahon told the participants not to do any “bells and whistles” or “serious wrestling bullshit a**”, wanting the match to be filled with “silly stuff” and “over the top, ultra-camp” stuff. Matt revealed that the conversation with McMahon had removed a large planned spot in the match that involved Wyatt doing a callback to Hardy’s first synthesized movie match, Final Elimination.

“When Jeff did the Swanton from the tree where I was on the ladder in the final delete, I had a couple of tables I was going to set up, put Bray at the bottom and get off that tree,” said Matt. “I built a platform on it and everything to get him up there and I actually trained for him. I would jump off the rack and put him with a leg through the two tables and he would move, which would have put me in danger to get into the heat side of the match. Nothing else in the ring,” Vince said. , no more than this a**.” I thought this would be a really cool place because I wanted to keep integrating the wrestling ring and wrestling spots and TLC sh**. Once I got this call from Vince they said, “Well, we can’t go back to the ring. Vince said he didn’t want any of this a** wrestling bullshit, he wanted this campy, over the top, that’s supposed to be fun, larger than life, a little bit silly.”

Matt’s vision of a Broken Matt persona was never fully realized in WWE, and he left the company again three years later.

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