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University officials are ‘weak cowards’ unwilling to enforce free speech policies: former law professor

A former law professor told Fox News that university officials need to reprimand students and administrators who violate free speech policies and stop caving in to the “wake mob.”

“University administrators … are weak cowards who are unwilling to enforce their own rules when students, let alone administrators, violate them,” Elijah Shapiro, a former Georgetown University law professor, told Fox News.

Former law professor calls on Stanford officials to implement their own policies. He watches:


The Stanford University Chapter of the Federal Assembly invited Judge Kyle Duncan of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to speak at the college’s law school on March 9. He interrupted the judge during his remarks. He was unable to finish his lecture, and was escorted off campus by federal guards.

“People should be allowed to protest…but harassers shut down events, and that doesn’t interfere with free speech,” said Shapiro, who is now the director of constitutional studies at the Manhattan Institute. “This forces freedom of speech on others.”

A former Georgia ethno law professor was called out by students while lecturing on free speech

Teren Steinbach, associate dean of the Stanford University School of Law, criticizes US Circuit Court Judge Kyle Duncan during his presentation at the school as an invited guest on March 9, 2023. (Screenshot / Vimeo – Center for Ethics and Public Policy)

Stanford Institute associate Dean Terrien Steinbach joined protesting students in arguing that Duncan’s rulings caused harm. They said the judge’s rulings caused harm and pointed to, for example, his refusal to use preferred transgender pronouns in the 2020 Opinion.

Steinbach also questioned the school’s policies regarding free speech and whether Duncan’s statements were worth the “pain and division” his presence had caused.

“It’s horrible,” Shapiro told Fox News. “Steinbach should be fired.”

Watch Stanford students yell at a federal judge:

Stanford Law Dean’s shameful attack on free speech means this to Mobile Education

“The school’s policy was not enforced,” Shapiro said. She should be fired for dereliction of duty, not her speech.

Stanford Campus Disruption Policies He stated that the university supports the right of students to protest views they disagree with as long as it does not “prevent or disrupt the effective execution of the university’s function”. Shapiro said the dean encouraged the students to disrupt and end the judge’s remarks rather than protest his point of view.

Shapiro is familiar with cancel culture himself.

last year, Georgetown put Shapiro on vacation After he criticized President Biden’s pledge to pick a black woman to the Supreme Court. The former law professor made it clear that he did not want candidates to be restricted by race and gender, but Shapiro eventually resigned after the students demanded he terminate his employment and He said his comments were racist.

In the meantime, the student can be at Stanford University I heard yelling “your racism is showing” Duncan said during his remarks. University President Marc Tessier-Lavigne and Stanford Law School dean Jenny Martinez apologized to the judge after the incident, prompting Hundreds of students line up the hall Outside Martinez’s classroom on Monday, they wear masks that read “Counter speech is freedom of speech.”

“It gives me pause about future leaders,” said Shapiro. “It’s not even about differing ideologically or a matter of constitutional interpretation. It’s about seeing their political enemies as not just wrong, but evil.”

Shapiro said that if students are not taught the values ​​of supporting policies and free speech “and how to understand the points of view of different sides, we are in much greater trouble than speakers who are locked out on campus.”

Former law professor Elijah Shapiro says the incident at Stanford Law School made him fear the future of America's legal leaders.

Former law professor Elijah Shapiro says the incident at Stanford Law School made him fear the future of America’s legal leaders. (Fox News Digital)

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Shapiro said the university’s administration had failed “to transcend the values ​​of inquiry, freedom of expression, civil discourse, and legal process.” These values ​​”should be more or less central to the mission of the law school.”

“There has to be consequences,” Shapiro said. Otherwise, this thing will spread.

Stanford did not respond to a request for comment.

To watch Shapiro’s full interview, click here.

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