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“Uncomfortable”: a newspaper condemning Lorraine Boebert’s high school questions and answers

The Durango Herald in Colorado called out the far-right deputy. Lauren Boebert’s controversial recent visit to a high school.

Boebert’s speech and question-and-answer session with students at Dolores High School in Dolores on Wednesday made the media outlet “uncomfortable” because “her talk crossed judgmental territory into political territory,” she said. its board wrote in an editorial Friday.

The Herald said of Boppert, Donald TrumpThe man in the past QAnon embraced Conspiracy theories. Before the event, representatives for the gun-loving Boebert amid parents’ concerns had to confirm that she would not carry a gun during the visit.

The council added, “Apparently, I also told the students that they should know about these issues and let it motivate them to defend their freedom.” “Come on! This is Boebert’s trademark on stage in front of students without parents present.”

The Herald suggested that Boebert could have inspired students with her “personal journey from manager at McDonald’s to actress in the hallowed halls of Congress.”

Instead, she said, she “did not separate herself and her politics from the mechanisms of government.”

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