The Undertaker is a fan of Omos, and wants to see it booked as a special attraction – Wrestling Inc.

The Beast Brock Lesnar has been the highlight of this WrestleMania season, and he’s set to face the tallest opponent he’s ever faced on the spring super card, “The Nigerian Giant” Omos. One of the most legendary rivals Lesnar is excited to see How does the match at SoFi Stadium shaking.

“I am curious to know what will happen [in Omos’s match with Brock Lesnar]said the Undertaker,inside the ropes“Recently.” I am really high on Omos. He has a ways to go and he’s tough because he’s so hard to book. According to Undertaker, Omos is an “attraction” in the same vein as WWE Hall of Famer Andre The Giant, comparison made in the past.

“It wasn’t like Andre was in the past,” Undertaker explained. “Andre went from region to region. He traveled and was just a global ambassador so people didn’t see him week after week after week on the same TV show. With Omos, that’s something they’ll have to discover because he’s a very special talent and he’s still developing that talent.” Undertaker has had opportunities to speak with and mentor Omos at the WWE Performance Center and says Omos’ on-screen persona is very different from the man himself.

“I actually kill him because he’s a bad guy, right? But he’s a really nice human being and he’s squishy,” said the Undertaker. “He wants to get better and he wants to do all of these things that I look for when I see someone I really want to mentor.”

Undertaker reiterates that Omos is an “attraction”, stating that he is “special” and needs to be “protected” if WWE is going to put him on TV every week. However, Undertaker believes Brock creates the perfect match to show off Omos’ size.

“It’s going to be a really interesting dynamic. He dwarfs Brock and nobody dwarfs Brock!”

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