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‘The Last Of Us’ creator reveals the show was about to finish its ‘saddest’ season

*Warning: spoilers await for ‘The Last of Us’*

The hit HBO series “The Last of Us” wrapped its first season last Sunday, but it almost ended on a very different note, according to the show’s co-creator.

at recent days Interview with British GQco-creator Craig Mazin revealed that he and director Ali Abbasi were “playing” a longer, more dismissive ending between Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey).

The series, based on the 2013 video game, tells the story of the duo’s journey through a post-apocalyptic world where mushrooms turn humans into predatory, flesh-eating monsters.

During the season finale, Joel and Ellie’s cross-country trip approaches Salt Lake City as they make their way to meet the Fireflies. Rather than praise Ellie’s safe return, the Fireflies cause Joel to pass out and whisk her away to prepare her for an operation that is supposed to lead to a cure.

On the other hand, the surgery would kill her in the process because it required removal and duplication of the Cordyceps that had been in her brain since birth.

Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) in “The Last of Us.”

Photo by Leanne Henscher/HBO

Fans of the popular game should be aware of its controversial ending that has stirred controversy since its inception a decade ago, in which Joel makes a life-altering decision to save Ellie at the expense of humanity, killing anyone at Firefly Hospital who gets in his way.

In the final scene, Ellie confronts Joel and insists on her promise that everything he said about the Fireflies is true. Joel then lies to her, stating that there is no potential cure. Just like Endgame, Joel doubles down on his lie, vowing that everything he said was true.

“[Abbasi] I thought of playing this longer, sadder version where Ellie says, “Okay,” and then turns around and walks away. And Joel takes care of her. We see the two walking, not really together but separately, towards Jackson. It lingers and then fades away. “There was just something beautiful about it,” Mazin told GQ.

Elsewhere in the interview, Mazin explained how the decision to honor the original ending was ultimately a safe choice, primarily for those who were familiar with the sources.

Everyone was like, ‘What are we doing? “And there was a detailed discussion about, will the people who played the game be more upset because they didn’t get it the way it’s supposed to be, or will they be more upset because they only got what they had before? Then how will everyone feel?” Mazin said.

He added, “In the end, there’s something very specific about finishing that close-up of Ellie. I don’t know what comes next. I don’t know what you do. Do you walk away from him, do you walk with him, how do you feel? That moment is permanently put on hold.”

Last week, the popular series went viral after fans discovered that a real giraffe was used to recreate one of the game’s most classic and inspiring scenes: the moment when Ellie first encounters a giraffe.

After the episode premiered, fans shared their thoughts on Twitter about the scene, after many initially assumed the giraffe was 100% computer-generated. Viewers quickly realized that there was nothing quite as simulated as the towering creature.

The scene, in which Joel and Ellie meet a giraffe in the remains of Salt Lake City, was recreated using “a combination of VFX stage, scenery, and location shooting with real giraffes from the Calgary Zoo,” according to Program Twitter account.

Last month, HBO announced that the drama series was Renewed for a second season Amidst the massive success of the show.

Season 1 of “The Last of Us” is broadcasting on HBO Max.

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