The defiant Spring Breakers return to the scene of a deadly shooting in Miami Beach

The day after a Deadly shooting crashes Spring break in Miami Beach, big crowds of daring and defiant revelers are back on Ocean Drive to keep the party going.

strange last year, Miami Beach police did not impose a curfew after the twin shootings in South Beach’s busiest area. Cops said the shooting was an isolated incident in a relatively quiet week in the party district. According to the Miami Herald.

Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber reportedly said, “Given that this appears to have been an isolated incident that occurred before midnight, and that the crowds were otherwise calm, it would be difficult to justify and legally defend an ordered curfew.”

After being arrested The gunshots rank out On the island’s main road, which was packed with revelers and closed to traffic on St. Patrick’s Day night. One man was killed and another wounded – then discharged – as dozens ran for cover.

Unlike last year, Miami Beach police did not impose a curfew after the double shooting.

Four rifles were found at the scene and the suspect was “fully cooperating,” the paper said. It was not clear if he had been charged with the fatal shooting.

“The identities of all parties cannot be revealed during the investigation,” the ministry wrote on Twitter Sunday. “The owners of the Miami Beach Police Department remain augmented and augmented with the help of neighboring law enforcement agencies.”

Rooney, 22, of Pittsburgh, told the newspaper that she was only a few feet away from the shooting on Seventh and Ocean Streets.

“No one tries to dodge bullets on vacation,” she reportedly said while partying at the crime scene on Saturday.

spring breakers
Undeterred, crowds of revelers returned to Ocean Drive to continue the party.

Big crowd at Eighth and Ocean in Miami.
The arrest was made after gunshots rang out on the main road of the island.

Big crowd at Eighth and Ocean in Miami
One person was killed and another wounded in the shooting.

She said, “I always have fun no matter what, but you have to enjoy this shoot-em-up stuff,” while saying that some people “here are trying to recreate Scarface.”

The newspaper reported that more than 100 other spring breakers gathered on the nearby beach the day after the shooting, drinking and dancing to Afro Beats, Billboard Hits and reggaeton.

“I haven’t been to South Beach in a while,” said Peter Sint, a 23-year-old from Miami-Dade who was worried about the prospect of more bloodshed.

“We’ll play it by ear and see how drunk it is [the crowd gets]. ”

“There are a lot of people here,” he said, “and I’m just thinking something is about to happen at some point.”

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