The beauty queen who fled the Iraq war is now proud of America fighting democracy

She fled war-torn Iraq for a better life in America, and now Sarah Idan is ready to do battle here–against the awakened Democrats who she says have turned the country upside down.

“There is a missing voice. There is the immigrant who suffered and came here and lived the American dream,” Aidan, 33, said this week. On the twentieth anniversary of the Iraq war.

One-time beauty queen – who represented Iraq in the Miss Universe contest 2017 and They faced death threats After befriending and taking a selfie with Miss Israel — she aims to throw her crown into the ring for the California congressional race, she told The Post.

The Los Angeles-based political novice said she has not yet filed papers with the Federal Election Commission.

Yet she already knows what her first campaign will be: rooting out the “crazy far left and waking up voices” in her so-called “white privilege”-obsessed Democratic Party.

“Shut up – because you have no idea how special you are,” said Aidan.

Sarah Idan fled Iran to the United States after representing Iraq in the Miss Universe 2017 pageant.
Sarah Chopsticks

The militant feminist and human rights activist has spoken out against far-left Democrats, such as the Minnesota Reb. Ilhan Omar, criticizing her for her incendiary statements about Jews and Israel.

“I do not advocate the Muslim Brotherhood’s anti-American or anti-Semitic agenda, using this democracy to further your Islamic socialist aims to divide and weaken our country,” Aidan wrote on Twitter.

“I would be the opposite of Ilhan Omar. I am a democrat and a liberal, but I don’t think like you – I don’t hate this country,” Aidan noted.

Born in 1990 in Baghdad, Aidan was the second youngest of five children. Her father was a military engineer in Saddam Hussein’s Ba’ath Party, but lessons at home hardly reflect this partisan orientation.

She recalled the family “living as hostages under Saddam” fearing accusations of “disloyalty” and noting limited access to food, water and electricity under the brutal dictator.

“We couldn’t say anything against him,” she said. I learned that everything Saddam taught me was a lie.”

At the age of eighteen, she volunteered with the US Army in Iraq as a translator and left her family in Iraq behind for America after about two years, becoming a US citizen in 2015.

Former Miss Iraq 2017 Sarah Idan wears combat gear.
This week marked the 20th anniversary of the Iraq War.
Sarah Chopsticks

After a 45-year hiatus in Iraq from pageantry, Aidan represented Iraq at the 2017 Miss Universe pageant as a dual citizen.

Because of the Israel flap, her citizenship there has since been revoked.

Her family was also forced to flee in the aftermath and now lives in the UAE.

Her troubled background gives her a unique perspective on what she considers the greatness of the American dream.

“They hate when I say anything good about this country, when I say I love it and I have rights here,” she exasperated. They want to hear you say: No, this is a horrible country, horrible government, and we have no rights. ”

“They’re snapping at everything and playing the victim all the time – just shut up.”

And I remembered one argument with friends of the “hard-line democrats” about the liberties and freedoms granted in this country, who asked Aidan to “go back to Iraq.”

“They just couldn’t handle saying good things about this country,” Aidan asserted.

She sees firsthand the “evil” of the left at work in her city – indoctrinating schools by waking up teachers and administrators. She drove some of her friends to homeschool their children, she said. Public safety is another concern, as major crimes there are up 11.6 percent this year from last.

“The left is not doing enough,” she said, adding that there were “scary” things going on within the Democratic Party.

Aidan said the controversial new Los Angeles mayor, Karen Bass, who is seen as a communist sympathetic to Castro, is not the answer.

Aidan said, “We need new people in office to take out the communists, push the crazy policies.”

I may have been born in Iraq, but my soul is American.”

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