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Taya Valkyrie Officially all eliteHe debuted on “AEW Dynamite” this week after touring every other notable promotion over the past several years. Outside of the ring, though, she’s married to fellow wrestler John Henighan, whose ever-changing last name depending on where he might be wrestling at the time has become a bit of a joke. He uses his real name in MLW but has gone by John Morrison, Johnny Nitro (WWE), Johnny Caballero, Johnny Mundo (Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide), and even Johnny Impact (Impact), among others.

Talk to WrestleZone Last week, Valkyrie herself admitted to being baffled by his different names. She is also unsure whether or not this is the first time – in MLW – working with him as John Hennigan. “I do not know maybe?” I wondered. “I have to look back and really think about it because the name is always changing nonstop.” When it comes to addressing him, though, she plays it safe, saying “He’s just John, Johnny to me. That’s all that matters. Johnny’s husband.”

To avoid any confusion, Valkyrie sticks to calling him John or Johnny when they’re at work rather than his full wrestling name that particular day. “I also can’t go on like all of you,” she added, smiling. However, there is another name she previously gave him: Johnny Valkyrie. And while it hasn’t materialized yet, she hopes it will become a reality at some point.

“I installed it!” I continued. “I told him ‘I just think you should be Johnny Valkyrie’. It makes sense… I’m going to keep pushing for it.”

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