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Saweetie addresses liking viral tweets questioning Lil Nas X’s gender.

Saweetie is facing backlash after she liked a tweet taking photos at Lil Nas X for his sexuality.

On Friday, A.J A clip appeared on Twitter Grammy Award-winning artist at Lollapalooza. The footage was posted along with an offensive comment about the 23-year-old star.

“I feel like it’s not really gay or not really feminine, it’s just too forced,” a Twitter user wrote in the post, which rapper Saweetie liked.

The “My Type” artist, who claims she misunderstood the context behind the tweet, quickly tried to clear the air after she was called out on social media.

Claiming that she liked the tweet without seeing the “shadow”, Saweetie hated the tweet. She then insisted she only liked it because she thought the “Old Town Road” singer was “looking good.”

“It looked so good that’s why I liked the video,” she tweeted in response to the backlash.

Soon after, fans began tweeting their support for the singer, insisting it must have been a misunderstanding.

On Saturday, Lil Nas X responded to the star on Twitter with two blue heart emojis.

In November, Saweetie won viral again After Twitter users speculated that she looked up ex-boyfriend Quavo in her song “Don’t Say Nothin'” from her “Single Life” EP.

The song contains lyrics like: “Post a pic in his sweatshirt, I bet my ex hurts / That’s what I get for kissing these frogs / He got pissed off and told my shit to the blogs.”

Fans doubled down on the speculation, pointing out that just a month ago, Quavo sparked the internet with the release of his song “chaotic.”

“If Saweetie wants to pull Quavo, she can! No one cared about her mind process and her recovery when they dragged her,” tweeted a fan.

The fiasco began after Saweetie appeared on Young Miami’s Revolt TV show”Please, Karishain September as the “Icy” rapper spoke emotionally candid about her three-year relationship with Quavo.

When asked on the show if their relationship was toxic, Saweetie noted that they had “a lot of pain growing up together”.

“I thought we were going to spend the rest of our lives together,” she added. “With him, I knew he was the one. It was different… I was just hella infatuated with what it was like as a human being. Even if he wasn’t a rapper, I would still love him. It was one of those things.”

In response, the Atlanta rapper responded after the interview, rapping on “Messy”: “I said, ‘Karisha please,’ because she’s so messy (woo, please).”

Saweetie to reject dising Quavo during an Instagram Live in August.

“No one is against anyone. And when I went to Caresha Please, I said to all of you, whoever was on Don’t Say Nothin’, whoever those letters were meant to, it wasn’t towards anyone,” she explained. .

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