Ricky Shane Page says he is a backstage client for MLW as well as a wrestler – Wrestling Inc.

Last month, it was announced that former GCW World Champion Ricky Shane Page (RSP) had it He signed an official contract with Major League Wrestling. With his arrival, Big would continue his in-ring steps, but in addition to that, it was revealed that he would act as an agent behind the scenes as well.

In a recent interview with Sean Ross sap or fightPaige confirmed his new role in MLW But he made it clear that it wasn’t the first time he’d acted as an agent – either formally or informally. “Usually it just happens when I’m at shows and people will come up and tell me to watch their match. My friends who are on TV will come up and tell me to listen to their match and make sure everything’s great,” Page said.

As Page was preparing for the dual platter of responsibilities in MLW, he recalled facing a similar situation during his tours with Progress Wrestling. Through his last few runs with the British Wrestling Company, Page has indicated that he not only wrestled in shows but also spent time acting behind the scenes. “There is a kind of situation between the player and the coach,” Page recalls.

After debuting in 2003, Page now has 20 years of experience in professional wrestling. And while his career shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, Page believes knowledge of acting can be very beneficial to performers. “I really enjoy doing it,” he said. “It’s so much fun.” “It’s a skill set that I think I’m good at. I feel like more wrestlers should learn this and learn how to do it because you can’t take bumps forever.”

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