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Sacramento, California – It was Mizzou’s percentage as a team Almost always He is highly influenced by how well the senior guards graduate De Moy Hodge Hit the ball this season. When a Cleveland State move was a hot outsider, the rest of the Tigers usually followed suit. But when he struggled, so did the rest of the team.

Hodge had one of the coldest nights of the year in Saturday’s season-ending loss to Princeton in the second round of the NCAA Tournament, 78-63. The BVI team shot 40% for the season, but only went 0-3 against the Ivy League Tigers. It was only the third time all year that he didn’t score one at least 3 times. As a team, Missouri connected on just 27.3% of its shots from deep.

Big striker Kobe Brown I thought the SEC Tigers could have done more to snag Hodge.

“Honestly, I put the struggle on me and the rest of my teammates,” Brown said. “They face guard. D’Moi gets a guard face. He’s been face guard every game this season. We have to do our job to get him open because it’s not easy to be a guard face every game. It’s frustrating, but the only way you can During which to really open up, especially with regards to players like that, is to free up your teammate.”

Hodge finished the night with two points on 1-6 shooting from the field to go along with six rebounds and one steal. He was limited to 31 minutes, hitting his head on the hardwood in the second half after an interception on the edge and exiting the game to be evaluated by the MU coach. Chris Perrin On the seat. Hodge didn’t think his presence would have made a difference to the final outcome.

“Obviously when I fell down my team started to play really well,” Hodge said. “It wasn’t a factor that I wasn’t in the game. I feel like we did some good things over that stretch to cut down the lead. They obviously made shots. I mean, they’re a good team. They got some triangles wide open. I commend my team for holding it, carrying it while I was on the bench.”

However, despite taking a night off and despite only being fit for Mizzou for a year, Hodge would go on to become one of the best 3’s and D’s ever to have been on the program. Hodge broke the school’s single season record for steals with 91 and his 100 triples and 250 try counts are fifth by any Tiger in a single year.

He replaced Hodge, who joined the senior point guards Nick Honor As the only player on the roster to play and start in all 35 of the team’s games this year, he’ll be one of the head coaches. Dennis GatesTop priorities this holiday season.

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