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Politicians and cities having ties to fake Hindu sect leader expose dangers of ‘totalitarianism’: Buck Sexton

Fallout from Newark, NJ, Tricked into Honoring Non-Existent Land Created by Bogus Hindu Caste Leader and Accused Rapist Shows There’s No Limit Politicians Won’t Cross to Look “Inclusive,” Former CIA Official Buck Sexton He said.

Sexton, host of “The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show,” pointed out how Newark forged the relationship with a fake “Kailasa” leader led by a deserter from India named Nithyananda.

“This is a reminder [of] The account made by many of these different politicians.”

“Nobody becomes a millionaire because of the little treaties of friendship that are signed, but the link always goes, if you will, to the scammer in this case.”

Newark cheated on its sister city

Police escort controversial Hindu Goodman Swami Nityananda (Manjunath Kiran/AFP/GettyImages)

“Any chance a politician should show that he is in good faith, and show how multicultural and diverse they are, they will take it, because even if they asked any questions, I think some of them would be concerned – ‘God, you don’t know about Kailasa? You do not know about the wonderful nation of Kailasa? You must be a bit of a fanatic, sir.”

Sexton added that as a former intelligence official, there is a “huge industry” in diversity, including deans of diversity, equity and inclusion as well as experts at colleges and companies.

“There is an enormous amount of money being made by playing on people’s guilt, by playing on the victim’s story,” he said.

“Inclusiveness now means excluding making any decisions – rational or otherwise – about what you’re actually dealing with in some cases.”

“You want to be so comprehensive that you can’t actually make a distinction in any meaningful way about whether a state exists.”

Police arrested Ran accused of shooting two Newark officers at point-blank range

Host Jesse Waters offered a map of several other cities that had fallen victim on some level to being deceived by Nithyananda, including Fall River, Mass. Richmond, Virginia; Washington, NC; Jacksonville, NC; Hallandale Beach, Florida; Texarkana, Texas; and several cities in California and Ohio.

senator.  Jesse Waters reported that Kane honored Kailasa.

senator. Jesse Waters reported that Kane honored Kailasa. (Fox)

He also reported that several lawmakers, most of whom are Democrats, have acted similarly — as well as at least one Republican.

He said, “This guy was almost our vice president.” or senator. Tim Kane, D.V.A., who reportedly honored Kailasa – along with the vicar. Jamie Raskin, D-Md. — which he called “Mr. Sixth of January, the same.”


representative.  Raskin's response to the Kailasa controversy

representative. Raskin’s response to the Kailasa controversy (Fox)

Raskin’s office He hit back at Watters, saying he was “tricked and cheated” and “embarrassed” by the development, adding that Raskin “hereby canceled[s] Paper recognition extended to this con artist.”

Watters also reported that Kailasa was previously honored by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

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