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North: North Korea fires missile into sea amid US and South Korean maneuvers – The Times of India

flood: north North Korea fired a suspected missile into the sea on Sunday, its neighbors said, as North Korea ramped up its test activities in response to military exercises between the United States and South Korea that it sees as a rehearsal for invasion. Japan Ministry of Defense And Coastguard He said what appeared to be a North Korean missile was fired Sunday morning. They did not give more details.
south South Korea’s Yonhap news agency quoted the South’s military as saying that North Korea had fired a ballistic missile at its eastern waters.
Calls to the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the south were not immediately answered on Sunday.
The launch, if confirmed, would be North Korea’s third round of weapons tests since the US and South Korean militaries began their joint military exercises last week.
The North views the exercises as an exercise in launching an invasion, though the United States and South Korea have consistently said their exercise is defensive in nature. The latest US-South Korean exercise, which includes computer simulations and field exercises, is scheduled to run through Thursday.
Recently tested North Korean weapons include its long-range Hwasong-17 intercontinental ballistic missile designed to strike the US mainland. State media in the north quoted the leader Kim Jong Un He said that the launch of ICBMs was intended to “instill fear in the hearts of the enemies.”

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