NASCAR: An Xfinity Series driver stops the car on track during a race in protest of NASCAR management

Josh Williams was unhappy with NASCAR’s direction during Saturday’s Xfinity Series race in Atlanta. (via Fox Sports 1)

NASCAR Xfinity Series driver Josh Williams parked his car on the track and walked across the infield to his team’s pit stall after being ordered to park his car by NASCAR during Saturday’s race in Atlanta.

Williams was involved in a wreck in the early stages of the race and made a pit stop for his team to repair the damage. But shortly after Williams got back on track to rejoin the race, debris from his car flew onto the track and caused NASCAR to throw out another caution.

Race control then told Williams and his team that he had been disqualified from the race due to a debris caution and that he needed to stop his car. So the stunned Williams decided to make a dramatic exit from the race rather than drive his car into his stall.

Don’t worry, the race was under caution when Williams parked his car on the track and walked across the infield. But it’s a move that will likely draw a NASCAR reprimand. The sanctioning body has rules regarding the way drivers are supposed to exit their cars while on track and Williams’ exit was a clear breach.

Williams is in his eighth season in NASCAR’s second division series and has spent most of his career driving for underfunded teams. He has eight top-10 finishes in 159 career starts.

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