Mitchell Robinson mum on complaints about Nicks role: ‘Leave me alone’

Mitchell Robinson was happy to discuss the dunk he delivered with 24.2 seconds remaining to go through Saturday’s Law sealing the Knicks’ victory over the Nuggets.

when The conversation turned to his recent social media postsDespite this, Robinson wanted no part of it.

“Leave me alone,” Robinson said after Knicks win 116-110. “I don’t answer. It’s the past, brother. I’m moving on.”

Robinson, who finished the game with eight points and nine rebounds in 26 minutes, He indicated on a Snapchat story on Tuesday that he’s upset about his role!, wrote that he was “only there for the heart” and “wasting my time and energy.”

He wrote on Instagram on Friday that the anger was due to “family issues” and he should have dealt with it differently.

“If I wasn’t [happy with my role]”I’m not going to play,” Robinson said after the game on Saturday.

Mitchell Robinson hits a home run in the final seconds to help the Knicks claim a 116-110 victory over the Nuggets.
Robert Sabo for the New York Post

When asked if he had said anything to his teammates, and if anyone had said anything to him, Robinson gave two one-word answers in the negative.

Elsewhere in the Knicks locker room, Robinson’s actions on social media don’t seem to have ruffled any feathers.

“We’re all brothers, so we were joking a little bit on the plane,” said Emmanuel Kwekley. “Mitch, he’s such a great guy who’s so down-to-earth. Obviously I think everyone knows that. He’s like a character. He can be funny and a little bit outgoing.”

“So we understand who Mitch is and we said to him, anytime we can help you get the ball a little bit more, we’ll try to do that. So we don’t take him too far. We want everyone on the team to be happy and try to eat as well as win.”

Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau on Saturday delivered a rebounding performance for Robinson, who has scored two, four and six points in his last three games.

“If you’ve had a bad day, step back, and have a great day,” Thibodeau said. “Don’t put anything in the way of the team. So I think he understands that. … We all know the dirty work he does for the team. He’s a huge part. He has a huge role for our team.”

Jamal Murray led Denver in scoring with 25 points on 9-for-14 shooting.

Nikola Jokic wasn’t far behind with 24 points for 11 for 18.

“It will make you pay for mistakes and feel that no captain is safe,” Thibodeau said of Jokic. “You don’t speed him up. He plays the game at his speed. I thought we got him to work and that’s what you have to do.”

Miles McBride did not play, and Jalen Bronson returned to the rotation.

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