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Mercedes Mone has officially left WWE at the beginning of 2023, but the star formerly known as Sasha Banks is hoping to encounter some of her former ring mates again at some point.

During a recent appearance at Planet Comicon (trans cold), the NJPW and STARDOM star said that there is “a lot” of talent in WWE that she would still like to take on, including rising stars and veterans alike. “I really like Zoe Stark in NXT. I think she’s super, super talented, and just amazing. I think she’s ready to break out and shine.” Mone also stated that Starks is ready to run on the main roster.

Elsewhere, “CEO” said she would like to face Bayley again, even though they have had several matches in the past. “I’m not done with her, but I love her. I think she’s amazing.” Bayley seems to feel the same way about her friend as well, because she has Mone on her Mount Rushmore is a professional wrestler Besides some legends from the past.

During a Planet Comicon appearance, Mone also revealed that she wanted to wrestle Natalya because she had never faced her in a significant way during her time in WWE. “I feel like I never really got a chance to have a long match with her. I would like to have an Iron Woman match with her,” said Mone, adding that they used to be training partners wrestling each other for up to an hour at a time during their sessions.

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