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Maria Bartiromo breaks down the justice system with double standards with Rep. James Comer, Sen. Tom Cotton, and more

Chairman James Coming reveals what China has gotten from the Biden family

Maria Bartiromo: So, congressman, let’s run through some of those Bank records. This is really the first batch of bank records that I was able to get because they were holding you back. are there more?

James is coming: There is much more than that. Maria, this is one deal. We think there are as many as 11 other deals. Now, we don’t know what those deals are with Biden. At first, the White House denied there was any knowledge or fact that their families were involved in any way, shape, or form with the Chinese Communist Party. But now we have bank records that reveal otherwise. We don’t know what Biden did for that money. The lawyer said it is C Capital for business. We couldn’t find a job, Maria. We will have the opportunity to ask questions of people who have been closely associated with the Biden family. We spoke to him privately. I will not reveal what they say in private, but very soon they will speak to everyone in the form of testimony or even better at a committee hearing. But for now, it seems so Biden family Just put that money in his pockets. This is one deal. We have 11 more to go to. And I’m sure we’ll get more bank records very soon.

Maria Bartiromo: Good. So $1 million was distributed to the Biden family in one deal, and you say there are 11 more. Let’s talk about what CCP can pay. You point to any indication, whether it’s from the laptop, from your investigation, that gives us any information about what China was specifically paying the Bidens for.

James is coming: Well, we know that when the president was vice president in the Obama administration, he made several trips to China. He brought with him his son and some of those related to him. They met in various places with some of these people whom the chief claimed he had never met. So we know the president wasn’t honest about his involvement when he was vice president. But from talking to former associates who were involved with Hunter Biden, what we do know the Biden family agreed to help China do is get their foot in the door. And not only has the US energy industry been buying LNG, it’s also been buying interest in rigs for natural gas, as well as trying to do things like helping China buy farmland.

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Jonathan Turley says potential Maria Trump indicator is ‘overtly political’

Maria Bartiromo: So two questions. What does this mean for President Trump? And second, what are we going to do about these true standards of justice?

John Turley: Good. Maria ironically, if Donald Trump had to choose Which of these cases will come first, that will be the case. This issue is overtly political and really fulfills the narrative that so many have been pushing this campaign season. So, in some ways, this is a lucky decision for Trump. Donald Trump’s bragging has given me what I believe is credible evidence of the politicization of the criminal justice system. Something like Mar a Lago might have a tougher time doing that. So the question is what happens to the case? You couldn’t choose a better jurisdiction to sue Donald Trump. You know, this is the worst possible jury assembly for him for some judge in New York, to dismiss a case like this that would border on self-immolation. So it is possible that this will be tried. But she will face serious problems on appeal. I guess I’m not convinced that Barak’s time has not run out. I think there are some very important questions about whether the statute of limitations actually applied to these claims.

REP BYRON DONALDS calls for hearings on Capitol Hill on regulators’ treatment of the banking system

Maria Bartiromo: Well, I mean, look, a week ago the FDIC told us that they would insure all deposits at Signature Bank, in Silicon Valley Bank. Now, as you know, a number of banks want the same treatment to secure all deposits. But you mentioned Mary Daley, President of the San Francisco Federal Reserve. Kim Strassel The Wall Street Journal wrote Great editorial this week Did ESG help sink the SBB? Because from day one, this administration has been talking about the climate change agenda, which is a whole government approach. She might have been rewarding the SBB for policies on ESG and on the climate change agenda rather than focusing on the soundness of the bank.

Charles Payne deconstructs the ‘major excuse’ Trump’s decomposition led to the collapse of the Silicon Valley bank

Byron Donalds: No, I totally agree with that thought process. Maybe Mary Daly needs that Come to Capitol Hill She explains what she was looking for and why. Because if you’re just focused on climate change and stock agendas and all that stuff, but you’re not concerned with the interest rate risk on a bank’s balance sheet, you’re not doing the job. And there are serious questions out there about what regulators have been doing and not doing with regard to the integrity of the banking system. But let me also add this, Maria. Let’s not excuse Silicon Valley bank executives. They haven’t had a risk manager for eight months it seems. The risk officer excuses me. C Suite should have known better and done what they needed to do to manage the interest rate risk of a bank that buys long in Treasurys like that and in mortgage-backed securities. But we have to make sure that you can’t leave the Fed and give them a chance. In my view, the Federal Reserve has taken a long time trying to get this inflation out of our economy. Now everyone bears the brunt of their indecision about how to deal with inflation.

Tom Cotton discusses the reasons for Chinese deposits being protected by the Biden administration

Maria Bartiromo: I’d like your view on FDIC insuring all of this bank’s deposits, including more importantly, several companies based in China that have been clients of Silicon Valley Bank. Now they say, look, we can’t insure all deposits everywhere. But they were very quick to bail out the Silicon Valley bank, even with those customers from China. I wonder if it would be the same transaction if this was a bank in Texas with clients that were oil companies or oil companies, you know, trading companies.

Tom Cotton: Well, Mariah, just asking the question which I think holds its own answer. I think it is clear to everyone that Joe Biden would not have bailed out a bank in Midland, Texas, for example, that was financing almost exclusively the oil and gas industry. The failure of the Silicon Valley Bank and the strain it is placing on our banking sector and economy has failed Joe Biden all the way. It was Joe Biden’s reckless spending that caused hyperinflation, which sent interest rates soaring, putting pressure on banks like Silicon Valley’s. And it was the Joe Biden administration that did not properly supervise and supervise a bank like Silicon Valley Bank six months ago or a year ago to make sure that they were properly managing the risk of the interest rate differentials between their deposits on the one hand and their assets on the other, or for that matter, Who last week did not help arrange a wedding with a larger bank with a more stable balance sheet, perhaps because they are ideologically opposed to any kind of merger. So what we got instead was a bailout of Biden’s bank, which would actually go to Chinese companies, because Silicon Valley’s bank is known to have been an access point for Chinese companies to get American money. And when you have one of these bank failures, foreign depositors are supposed to be in line behind American depositors. Until now Biden administration He confirmed to me on a conference call last week about that situation that they’re, in fact, going to have probably all Chinese depositors on a fig leaf, you know, they have one American cosigner, probably in venture capital firms that have been pumping money into these Chinese firms in the first place. Companies that are almost certainly in most cases aligned with the Chinese Communist Party or the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

John Ratcliffe tells Maria Bartiromo that there has been no presumption of intelligence since the Mueller investigation began

Maria Bartiromo: President Trump says he will be arrested on Tuesday. your reaction?

Legal Expert Halts Potential Trump Arrest in Manhattan Da: ‘Kind of a Banana Republic Thing’

John Ratcliffe: Well, it’s clearly a political trial, and that’s underscored by the fact, Maria, that you have at Melvyn Bragg, the DA involved here, someone who said on his first day in office that we wouldn’t Armed robbery trial in this office. And now he’s saying we’re going to sue for a misdemeanor against the opposition political party that happens to be a presidential candidate, the former President of the United States, despite the fact that the statute of limitations has clearly applied to that misdemeanor and the fact that other state and federal prosecutors have passed on it. So. But my take on the matter, Mariah, is that this is just the latest twist or what happened to the Democrats, switching from a party, from Democrats to Progressives, which is kind of a mixture of socialists and communists who don’t like the American justice system. It is a continuation of the attack on this justice system and the tearing down of all the pillars that make this system work so well. So just to remind viewers, when the Mueller investigation was underway, the first pillar to follow was the basic principle of the presumption of innocence. Remember, Donald Trump did not have this assumption. He had to categorically prove his innocence. It then quickly shifted in the Ukraine trial to a suspension of due process. And Donald Trump became the first president who was never allowed legal representation throughout the House proceedings. More recently, with Mar a Lago, the next principle to follow has been equal protection under the law. And we saw that when the same law was applied between Trump and Biden. In connection with classified documents, Trump’s house was raided. Biden’s lawyers were allowed to casually turn over the documents whenever they wanted. So this latest kind of torturous prosecution that comes out this week every day in New York is just the latest kind of attack on the American justice system by the Democratic Party.

Sen Rick Scott warns of double standards in our justice system

Maria Bartiromo: Senator, where is the anger of the Republicans? Trump will be indicted on Tuesday. He said this only days later James Comer exposed Money coming from communist China distributed to the Biden family.

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Rick Scott: I mean, first of all, there are a lot of Democrats who hate Trump. there Some Republicans. They hate Trump. So guess what? There is a double standard. You can do anything you want to win. Everyone is fine with that, but you can’t do that with Biden. There is quite a double standard. If you are Trump, there is a standard and it is up to you. All moved in. attacked the man. All are good. You know, people are okay with that. but. Biden Oh, we have to be careful. We have to follow the law. This is why Americans are tired of our press. I mean, what the Department of Justice, with the FBI, with a lot of things in your federal government, they know there’s a double standard. This is a mistake. Well how are we

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