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Manhattan da Prague privately warns of intimidation after Trump calls for protests

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg provided a private response to Donald Trump’s letter Saturday urging his supporters to protest his expected indictment, telling office staff in an email that “we do not tolerate attempts to intimidate our office or threaten the rule of law in New York.” . According to a copy obtained by Politico.

“Our law enforcement partners will ensure that any identified or credible threats against the bureau are fully investigated, and that appropriate safeguards are in place so that all 1,600 of us have a safe work environment,” Bragg wrote, adding that the bureau is coordinating with the New York Police Department and the bureau. Court Administration, the administrative arm of the New York court system.

Bragg added that, “As with all of our investigations, we will continue to apply the law equally and fairly, and will only speak publicly when appropriate.” In his email, Bragg did not identify Trump by name, referring only to “public comments surrounding the ongoing investigation by this office.”

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