Maize & BlueReview – Mason Barris of Michigan talks about winning the National Heavyweight Championship

s Mason Paris, Michigan National Champion. Initial feelings, feelings about being a national hero?

Mason Paris: It’s a mixture of a lot of emotions right now. I’m still trying to process everything. My adrenaline is still really high. There is a lot on my mind right now.

And “gratitude” is the main thing that comes to my mind. And I’m blessed to have the coaches, the partners, the school — everything, the support system behind me. And I couldn’t do it without them.

s After I got the initial pin (indistinguishable) the entire first period. What do you think when he picked the bottom to start the third period?

Mason Paris: My mentality was I had to take it out. I know I can. That was an adjustment I made from the game, our first game and then the Big Tens, can I ride this guy, can I take him out, can I break him up front.

That’s what I did. Just focus on riding that ride and smashing him and smashing his spirit just was the main thing. And I knew I could do that. That’s why I focus so much on getting better at the top.

s This year you were 1-3 against Greg. You are now 4-3, and win the National Championship. What does that mean for you?

Mason Paris: That means a lot. Just kind of showing the progress you’ve made over the last season and how much improvement you’ve really gotten. I wasn’t at my full potential last year. And this year I was. I wanted to go out and show that I’m the best. And I really had something to prove. And I wanted revenge on all these men that I could.

s (Unaware) He talked about heavyweights being probably the best time ever in history. Do you kind of feel like King of the Mountain at all?

Mason Paris: Yeah, it’s really cool to win that title. This new era of heavyweight wrestling is even more fun to watch. And I love being one of those guys at the forefront of that new era of athletic heavyweights. It’s great to inspire some of these kids to go out there and take some shots and attack.

s You and Greg are all on WWE Next in Line (inaudible). You will see each other in a different profession. What does that mean for you and how will you adapt?

Mason Paris: It would be really cool. I don’t know exactly what I’m going to do yet with everything. I have a lot of plans in the future. My plan now is the 2024 Olympics. Paris, that’s the goal. And maybe you’ll see me in stuffing corn and blue towels.

s Looking back this season at where you are right now, did you ever imagine that this was just reality and the moment? And what would you say about your training, partner training. How did it all come together at this wonderful moment for you?

Mason Paris: I thought about this every day and imagined myself winning that national championship so many times. It feels so great that it’s already done. And my drilling partners, the trainers, I get to drill with some of the best drilling partners in the entire world.

And with J’den Cox and wrestling with that guy every single day makes me so much better. We feed on each other’s energy. And to have these amazing coaches who have experiences at all levels is also amazing. They gave me their expertise and just that — it’s amazing what we got in Michigan and so many positives there.

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