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London party-goers chant AI-generated beats in a test examining whether AI can replace real DJs

In front of an empty dj booth at East London In a nightclub, party-goers danced to AI-generated beats in a unique experimental rave that sought to test whether the app could match the vibe of real-life recordings and a mixer.

artificial intelligence It has been described as a major upset in recent months. ChatGPT, a text-based chatbot developed by OpenAI that can craft prose, poetry, or even computer code on command, has gained widespread interest in Silicon Valley, prompting investors to pour money into AI-focused startups.

in feb. 17, AI came to DJ.

APPLE BLOCKS CHATGPT-POWERED APP UPDATE Concerns grow about potential harm to AI

“Algorhythm” – hosted at The Glove That Fits bar – was branded one of the first of its kind by its promoter, George Bennegar.

“If we can get AI to make beautiful music and we can play it for each other, I think that’s probably why it’s there. That’s why it’s a gift,” Bennigar told Reuters.

Powered by the pulsating tech and rhythmic drum beat, Mubert was created by a team of Ukrainian and Russian developers.

The OpenAI logo is displayed on a laptop in New York, January 3rd. 12, 2023. OpenAI has received widespread attention, which has led to the emergence of more AI-focused startups. (Gabby Jones/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Mubert uses man-made loops and samples to create entirely new tracks. Users can like or dislike the app’s generative music, and the app adapts accordingly.

Then the musicians who made the samples get a cut when their voices are used.

For Moppert CEO Paul Zjordan, the rise of artificial intelligence will inevitably lead to some musicians losing their jobs.

“We want to save the jobs of musicians, but in our own way,” Zjordan told Reuters via video link from the Armenian capital, Yerevan.


“We want to give them this opportunity to make money with AI. We want to create new (jobs) for people,” said the 35-year-old CEO, who is also a DJ and musician.

very good work

the dj boothwhich is usually the centerpiece of parties, was left blank as an experiment to see how revelers would react to the DJ AI.

A few hours into the night, some of the revelers made up their minds.

“It could be more complicated,” said Rose Cuthbertson, a 24-year-old master’s student in artificial intelligence. “She doesn’t have that knowledge of other electronic genres that can make music more interesting. But it’s still fun to dance.”

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Taking a break from dancing, Pietro Capece Galeota was more courteous.

“She’s been doing a good job so far,” the 26-year-old computer programmer said offhand.

However, for Zgordan, there is more work to be done if Mubert wants to have functionality similar to ChatGPT.

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