Lisa Rinna’s daughter Delilah Bell Hamlin revealed she had a seizure on the set of a music video

Lisa Rinna’s eldest daughter, Delilah Belle Hamlin, opens up about the “excruciating” seizures she suffered while filming a music video for her debut single, “nothing lasts forever.”

“On the second day of shooting the music video, it was almost nine hours into the day and I had seizures.” she told Entertainment Tonight Friday.

“We don’t know much about them yet. Even though it’s been years, we’re still trying to figure it out. I ended up having a fit on set.”

Hamlin, 24, admitted the health scare “was scary and painful,” but added that it turned out to be “a beautiful thing.”

“It was probably one of the worst things I’ve been through in a while, but I had everyone I loved around me,” she explained. “I was able to bring the emotion from that into shooting the next day.”

A still of Delilah Belle Hamlin in her music video for "nothing lasts forever."
Hamlin said she experienced seizures on the second day of filming.
A still of Delilah Belle Hamlin in her music video for "nothing lasts forever."
The 24-year-old said the incident was “terrifying and painful”.
Instagram / @delilahbelle
A still of Delilah Belle Hamlin in her music video for "nothing lasts forever."
Hamlin’s music video for her debut single, “Nothing Lasts Forever,” was released on Friday.

The social media influencer has suffered from health issues for years now.

In January, Hamlin shared it Silently combats autoimmune and chronic diseases.

“I haven’t really talked about my health lately and if you’re new here you might be confused but for the past few years I’ve been struggling with autoimmune issues/chronic diseases that I’ve been fighting and getting over silently,” the model wrote on her Instagram Story at the time of a photo of her IV in her arm.

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“It was definitely tough mentally alongside physically. I kind of kept quiet because I didn’t want to be in a ‘sick’ role.”

In 2021, the eldest daughter of Ren, 59, and Harry Hamlin, 71, was hospitalized after Accidentally overdosed on Xanax.

At that time, Delilah said, she became dependent on the drug, which was originally prescribed to help her with several ailments.

Delilah Bell Hamlin gets her make-up done.
In January, Hamlin stated that she was “silently battling” autoimmune and chronic illnesses.
Instagram / @delilahbelle
Lisa Rinna, Delilah, Bill Hamlin, and Harry Hamlin at a fashion show.
Delilah is the eldest daughter of Ren and Harry Hamlin.
Astrid Stowers

“I wasn’t like a drug addict, but my body was dependent on it [Xanax] Because of the amount the doctor prescribed for me,” the singer shared in November of that year.

Later that summer, Delilah said she had bouts of encephalitis.

The social media influencer has also suffered from mental health issues and He was accepted to rehab twice in 2018 To fight anxiety and depression.

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