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Legal expert burns potential Trump arrest in Manhattan: ‘Banana republic kind of thing’

A legal expert has raised the possibility that Manhattan Attorney General Alvin Bragg will arrest the former President Donald Trump — described it as a “banana republic kind of thing” as he was reported to be weighing the indictment.

Trump revealed over the weekend huh We expect him to be caught on Tuesday regarding “hush money” payments to porn star Stormy Daniels back in 2016, citing “illegal leaks” from Bragg’s office and the Department of Justice.

But many legal experts have questioned the potential indictment, often arguing that there is little legal precedent, besides political motives, surrounding the case.

Trump voluntarily dismisses the second lawsuit against New York Attorney General Letitia James

Former federal prosecutor Francie Hicks accused Bragg of politically weaponizing the law, acting like a “king” in order to indict the former president.

“This is a really dangerous time because this is a Banana Republic brand of product,” said Franci. during “Fox & Friends Weekend”. “To use the law as a weapon against a political adversary is very wrong. It is one of the main reasons the United States of America was formed and separated from England because of all the injustices in the criminal justice system at the time of the King, and that is what is happening here.”

She continued, “You have someone acting like a king in Alvin Bragg, who decides that because he doesn’t like a political opponent, he’s going to turn the law into a piece of candy in order to get him.”

President Donald Trump arrives to enter the presidential viewing platform Saturday, July 15, 2017, during the US Women’s Open golf tournament at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, NJ (AP Photo/Caroline Custer)

“Now an illegal leak from the corrupt and highly political Manhattan District Attorney’s office, which allowed new records to be set in a violent crime whose leader is being funded by George Soros, please point out, without being recorded in a violent crime. An old, dishonored one will be arrested.” Exactly (by a number of other prosecutors!) wrote in Truth Social, Saturday.

The former president has been under investigation for years for paying $130,000 to Daniels at the end of the 2016 election cycle. His former attorney, Michael Cohen, facilitated the exchange and has been compensated over time.

Da Manhattan’s office “requested a meeting” with law enforcement before a possible Trump tip

Plaintiffs can argue that the money was a violation of campaign finance laws, but critics argue, Including Trump attorney Joe Tacopinathat the funding was “personal” money and had nothing to do with the campaign.

Tacopina and other legal experts have argued that Bragg’s potential indictment hinges on unqualified legal waters, indicating the political nature of the potential arrest.

“It’s hard to say it’s not political when you’re looking at a DA in Manhattan, MD Over 50% of felony charges are forfeited In that city full of crime down to misdemeanours, yet he has succeeded in trying to find a way outside the statute of limitations where cases are usually prevented, to turn a felony into a misdemeanor that might be a state crime, maybe a federal crime,” Hicks said.

She continued, “The feds refused to prosecute, the FEC refused to prosecute, and yet Alvin Bragg thinks he has a crime here.” “I guess it sounds political to me.”

Prague’s office has not yet commented or confirmed the news of Trump’s possible arrest.

New York prosecutors, Trump’s signal, could face criminal charges from the stormy Daniels scandal

Former Whitewater Deputy Counsel Saul Wisenberg, who has indicated that he is a critic of the 45th President, echoed Hicks’ sentiments that the Bragg issue is “clearly political” in nature.

In a subsequent appearance on “Fox & Friends Weekend” Sunday, he called the potential arrest “preposterous.”

Wisenberg said, “The question you ask yourself in a case like this…would a case like this ever be brought against anyone else, be it a president, a former president, or a private citizen? The answer is…no.”

“You could argue all day whether or not former President Trump should be indicted in connection with the records at Mar-a-Lago; and whether or not he should be indicted in connection with solicitation of illegal activity on January 6th. .. And he added, “If the crimes occurred, he committed them.”

“This is unreasonable”.

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Critics were also quick to note that Bragg may not be able to charge the former president if he is Statute of limitations have run out.

But Hicks made it clear that Bragg might be able to reduce that concern and move forward with the indictment if there were additional conspiracy charges, she said.

Regardless, Wisenberg called the potential accusations targeting Trump a “weak sister issue” while noting major concerns about legality.

“Number one, because he would never be sued late against anyone else,” Wisenberg said. Number two, it’s in most cases under New York State law, a misdemeanor…from what we’ve heard, it’s about [the] Falsification of records cannot be considered a felony unless the records were falsified to conceal another felony.”

He continued, “There are real questions here, whether it will eventually stand because of the statute of limitations…and other concerns.” “It’s a weak sister issue.”

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