Lala Kent Responds To Criticism Of Being ‘Mean’ On Vanderpump Rules, Conversations ‘Turn Up’ By Raquel

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Lala Kent She resists claims that she is “everywhere” and “mean.”

After gossiping about him Raquel LevisAlien drunk with Katie Maloney And Christina Kelly On the latest episode or Vanderpump Rulesthen later calling it a “responsibility,” Lala responded to the podcast host, who suggested she was acting out in response. Nursery drama with her ex-fiancé Randall Emmettwhich until now has not been much of a storyline Season X.

“Lala is everywhere,” Ryan BaileyHost Too bad it’s goodwrote on Instagram On March 16th.[Bye Wig Hello Drama] It was mentioned that Lala is still angry with Randall and that the anger is likely to come out elsewhere. Personally, I wish we got more of Randall’s story or all. It will just add more context to what Lala is actually going through during that time in filming and why she’s hitting so hard.”

He added, “So, Raquel turned around than to be awfulbut if this information hadn’t dropped yet, she would have painted Raquel as a complete underdog [you] He encourages. Instead of crawling, it turned out to be.

Following the post, Lala shared an Instagram story that included Ryan’s message, asking, “Why do we have to keep teaching people about life?”

Then I highlighted four points.

1. My situation is sensitive, and there it is the legal aspects involved. Although I have shared everything, who knows what will be put into the season. I know one day everything I’m dealing with behind the scenes will be revealed.”

2. YOU CAN SAY ALL DAY IF THIS NEVER HAPPENED WITH SCANDOVAL Lala looked bad. Some of you act like new to me. You know these drills even now. I never liked Raquel. She always turned me on. We now know why Derrrrr. She continued. : “It’s a great occasion for all of you.”

In the third point, Lala admits that she did it like Raquel questionable decisions while drunk. However, unlike Raquel, She is now sober.

“I made decisions I wasn’t proud of. Things that wouldn’t have happened if I had been clear and sober. It’s not an excuse, it’s a fact. Unless you struggle with addiction you won’t understand, and your opinion has no place in this conversation,” Lala explained.

“4. My words are intense. You get it,” she continued. “The things I say sometimes are completely out of sorts. However, words are words. I’m on the verge of actions. Raquel was full of friendly words…her actions, not so much.”

Lala Kent defends harsh words about Vanderpump Rules

In another screenshot shared by A Pump rules fan page on InstagramRyan’s entire post is exposed, including a message he shared on Twitter about Katie having more than just the right to be upset with Raquel.

Katie was Totally justified in her feelings for Raquel because she was trying to confess to Schwartz. Now, on the other hand, Lala really means to see that no one ever tried to steal Randall.”

Vanderpump Rules accusing Lala Kent of hooking up with Vanderpump Rules

Throughout Wednesday’s episode, Lala expresses her disgust at Raquel, telling her it was a good thing she didn’t have a man to steal from. As she explains, not only was the comment offensive to women, it was completely wrong.

Vanderpump Rules Season X It airs every Wednesday at 9/8c on Bravo.

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