Josh Williams parks the car at the start/finish line after being ordered out of the race

Josh Williams NASCAR

Hampton, JA. – Josh Williams He stopped his car at the start/finish line and walked away from the car after being ordered off the track by series officials during Saturday’s Xfinity Series race.

NASCAR called Williams, the team’s owner Mario Jocelyn and crew chief Brian Perry to the transport chain to meet with officials.

The Williams car was damaged in a three-car crash that brought out the caution on lap 28. The Williams team recorded the damage but debris from the car brought out the caution on lap 32. NASCAR ordered Williams to the garage and out of the race.

Section 8.9.A of the Xfinity NASCAR Series rulebook gives the ability to request a car outside of the event. The rule states:

“NASCAR’s supervisory official may direct a competitor to stop competition, leave the race venues, or bring the vehicle to pit road and/or the garage area for a specified number of laps (laps) and/or a specified time penalty, to balance practice, qualifying, or the qualifying race, race, or future NASCAR races, if necessary to do so to further the organized conduct of the NASCAR event(s).Such direction will only be given in exceptional circumstances, as determined by the NASCAR Stewardship Official(s).It will not be considered or construed as a disqualification, suspension, or other “punishment” within the meaning of Section 10 Violations and Disciplinary Actions and is not subject to appeal under this section.”

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Josh Williams parks the car at the start/finish line after being ordered out of the race appeared in the original

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