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strain And elite They are two of the most prominent factions in pro wrestling – with The Bloodline dominating WWE for nearly two and a half years and The Elite winning numerous titles, both together and separately, since AEW launched in 2019. A paid combo, especially with the current The story of Sami ZaynThe elite team has always prided itself on delivering memorable and creative matches.

While both factions have received copious praise for their outstanding work, WWE Hall of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts Roberts revealed whether he thinks Roman Reigns and The Usos of The Bloodline or Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks of The Elite are better overall. “Kenny and Bucks, Without a Doubt,” said Roberts, appearing in “Kenny and Bucks.”Café de Rene. “I think Kenny is incredible. It is a wonderful place. I don’t like a lot of things The Young Bucks do, but, bro, they do it and get away with it. So, I mean, it’s like, “I thought this was a tag match?” F***, they’re in a loop together for three minutes… all the respect and love I give them. “

The showdown between The Bloodline and The Elite is still a fantasy due to them being in separate companies, but there have been reports swirling around AEW Elite contract status. There is a possibility that if they don’t re-sign with AEW before their current deals expire, the Elites will have the ability to transfer their talent to WWE.

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