Instant disruption on the new MTA train: New York City is still ruled by the forces of decay

In yet another victory for the forces of decadence in New York City: bums, transgressors, and teenage thugs are already getting hit by the MTA’s new, futuristic subway cars.

like Reporting by Matthew Sedaka of The Washington PostTuesday’s tour found “three homeless and addicted men” in “varied states of consciousness across four of the 10 luxury cars” of the $27 million train. “One man lay down somewhere and muttered to himself, and others stretched out on benches to take a nap during rush hour.”

Homeless people seem to prefer new cars because they heat better than older models.

Too bad it can leave trains smelling. One passenger commented, “It still stinks, and someone is still lying on the seat.” “I was definitely hoping for the best.”

Also seen: “A group of teens in a gap between two cars, dangling their arms under a moving train to record the sound of the wheels.”

The Post also saw smoking (tobacco and pots), drinking beer, and other illegal behavior on the subway.

Earlier in the week, the new train made the news when another pack of Against the withdrawal of an autistic child(15 years old) from the car and hit him on the stand while shouting racial epithets.

“You can have the largest piece of equipment on the subway, but if you don’t have the level of security to guard the passengers, what’s the point?” He asked Charlton D’souza of Passengers United to defend the crossing.

Mind you, NYPD (with funding help from Gov. Kathy Hochul) he have I managed to eliminate subway disruption in recent months Pay overtime For a heavy underground police presence.

But OT is only sustainable for so long; Cops need to sleep and lead a personal life. In addition to that Strength is at record levels or departing.

And yes Nicole Gelinas notesSubway crime Still It’s not back to 2019 levels, and it likely won’t get there unless the legislature finally approves serious reforms to miserable criminal justice “reforms.”

New Yorkers elected Mayor Eric Adams to bring crime and mayhem underground and above, and he’s trying. (As with MTA management: the new trains have a lot of cameras and other features to do reinforces protection.)

But the forces of anarchy still have a legion of supporters in Albany’s city hall and district attorney’s offices. It certainly seems that voters need to do a lot of “election” to get the change they want.

Until politicians get the message, as Sedacca notes, “we can’t have nice things.”

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