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I am a mother of six children – all of whom are adopted. This is what I want other moms to know

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The greatest joy of my life has been standing beside my husband as we raise six smart, caring, energetic children. While none of them carry our blood, they do carry our family name and all the love that comes with it.

Often, women are stigmatized because of their choice to put their children up for adoption. But in my experience, it wasn’t a lack of love that drove me Women choosing adoptionRather an abundance of it. I have seen that it takes tremendous strength and compassion to choose life for a child and then selflessly place him in the arms of another child, in the hope of giving him a better life.

Because of these brave women, my hopes and prayers to become a mother have been met.

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When we adopted our first son, I remember sitting in amazement and awe looking at the little Life I slowly rocked in my arms. The precious little baby I was carrying had not formed in my womb but was my son nonetheless.

I sat at that moment thinking how special she was, and my heart ached my son’s family, who may not get to experience all that it was. That’s when I decided to have an open adoption. I wanted the brave woman who chose life for this little boy to experience the joy of his smile and the magic of his laughter.

After a successful first open adoption, our family was blessed with another little boy. With all the happiness he brought to our home, we knew we wanted to expand our family again.

Osvold family photo. Ashley Oberholzer Photography

Unfortunately, what was supposed to be a great addition ended up being a failed adoption. Though I did not carry him in my womb, I carried him in my heart and looked with great anticipation at the family we had dreamed of. When I learned he wasn’t going to become a part of our family after all, it was a feeling of great loss and sadness for me, my husband, and our two young boys.

I am so thankful my mom chose my life

We wanted to open our hearts and go home to a new life again, but we were afraid of having to hold another child, only to hear that they wouldn’t become ours. Despite the pain and fear, we took our family information to St. Gianna and Pietro Molla Maternity Home – a place that provides care and support for pregnant women and their children, while assisting with adoptions.

One mother being cared for there was unsure if she would be able to provide the best possible future for her child. She knew she wanted to choose a life but wondered what exactly that life would look like.

When I heard about our family, and our recent loss, I felt a strong connection and knew that The child grows inside her It was meant to be part of our home.

My husband and I, who have the honor of naming our new daughter, decided on the name Everlee—because she would be our forever baby. She was the one who healed all of our past pain and encouraged us to continue to open our hearts and our home.

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We soon adopted three adorable babies and called for open adoption for all six of them. Now, my husband and I can stand on the sidelines at football games or track meets, or sit in the stands at hockey games cheering on our kids, many times with their families cheering at our side. Our children grow up with more love and support than I ever thought possible.

I learned many things through adoption. One of these things is that a mother’s love knows no distance. While my children may be hundreds of miles away from their mothers, the love and reassurance they receive defies all adoption stereotypes.

The other thing is that maternal love does not know DNA. These six children are my sons and daughters, and my feelings for them are not determined by blood, but by the unconditional love that comes with it. being a mother.

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Finally every life is beautiful and precious and deserves a chance to experience love and happiness. Because of the strength of a woman the mothers of my childrenI am able to stand in my kitchen and see the world through my children’s eyes.

And because of these women’s life-choosing decision, I can wear the title “Mom” with great gratitude and pride.

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