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GOP rep has bad news for the White House after evidence of Hunter-China correspondence: ‘Just the beginning’

representative. James Comer, R-Kentucky, shared with “Sunday morning futuresMaria Bartiromo hosts the latest House investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings, including bank records of deals with business partners. Bad news for the White House, Rep. Comer warned, after evidence from Hunter Biden’s laptop revealed a link between the two. The Biden family to China.

The Biden family received more than $1 million from a fellow Hunter after the 2017 China Wire: Home Surveillance

representative. James is coming: … Well, we know that when the president was vice president in the Obama administration, he made several trips to China. He brought with him his son and some of those related to him. They met in various places with some of these people whom the chief claimed he had never met. So we know the president wasn’t honest about his involvement when he was vice president. But from talking to former colleagues who participated in Hunter Biden, What we know the Bidens have agreed to help China do is put their feet in the door.

WASHINGTON, DC – APRIL 12: WFP USA Chairman Hunter Biden (L), US Vice President Joe Biden Designer Michael Kors (C) and WFP USA McGovern Dole Leadership Award at the Organization of American States on the 12th April, 2016 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images for the World Food Program USA) (Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images for the World Food Program USA)

Maria Bartiromo: … There was something on the laptop that was also helpful as Hunter Biden was talking to a colleague, someone who was representing the China Partnership, right?

Miranda Devine asks Hunter Biden for an ‘outlandish’ defense of China-linked payments

representative. James is coming: Yes, there was the message that Hunter was so frustrated with one of those trading partners in China, that he did everything they asked of him. And of course, this would happen when Joe Biden was vice president, and he reminded them they didn’t do anything for him, and then a few weeks later, this $3 million transfer showed up in Robinson Walker’s account, and the next day, they handed out the money to Hunter Biden and then At least two other family members and possibly three family members. So there is evidence in the laptop that shows Hunter Biden was communicating with them and had interactions and did things for them when his father was vice president.

… This is very disturbing. Again, the White House has not been honest about this from day one. I don’t think the White House ever dreamed we’d get bank records. I have bad news for the White House: This is just the beginning. We’re going to get a lot of bank records and they’re going to have to keep stepping back and coming up with some kind of reason why the Bidens are receiving millions and millions of dollars from our opponents.

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