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Former WH press secretary Jen Psaki slams Republican messaging ‘woke up’ in debut of new MSNBC show

Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki criticized him the Republican Party for their “woke” messages Sunday during her new show on MSNBC, “Inside with Jen Psaki.”

In a tweet posted before her new show debuted, she said she had “a few things to get off my chest about the GOP’s war on wake-ups.”

During the series premiere, Psaki argued that most people don’t think of the term “wake up” as Republicans might like it to be.

“For Republicans, acquisition is public enemy number one,” she said. “From her point of view, there is simply no greater threat to American freedom, whether they actually believe in it or not, they clearly think it’s a win-win message before 2024. And it makes you think, Are they on to something? Right-wing Republicans, Woke Up Woke Up?

Former WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki launches MSNBC’s new show, “Inside with Jen Psaki.” (screenshot/MSNBC/InsideWithJenPsaki)

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He is simply “not the boogeyman you think you are,” she said.

Psaki pointed to a USA Today/Ipsos poll that found 39% of Americans Thought “woke up” means “Being overly politically correct and controlling what other people say.”

The poll found that 56% of Americans think “being awake” means “being informed, educated, and aware of social injustice.”

It also played clips of a focus group in Florida that voted for Donald Trump in 2016 and President Biden in 2020. Focus group members were “confused” by the term “wake up,” according to Axios.

Jen Psaki signed with MSNBC after leaving the Biden administration.

Jen Psaki signed with MSNBC after leaving the Biden administration. (William B. Plowman/NBC via Getty Images)

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Psaki noticed too Conservative writer Bethany Mandelwho recently went viral for struggling to define the term “woke” during an interview about her new book, Stolen Youth.

“I mean, awakening is something that’s hard to define, and we spent a whole chapter defining it. It’s kind of understanding that we need to completely reimagine and reshape society in order to create hierarchies of oppression… Sorry that’s hard to explain in a 15-second audio clip,” Mandel said during the interview.

“It’s hard to explain. Just two cents from someone who’s done a few years in communications, if you can’t explain it and people don’t get it in 15 seconds, it might not be the winning message you think it is. So it looks like everyone can leave a flag,” Paskey said. Vigilance flies.”

White House Press Secretary Karen Jean-Pierre took over in May when Jen Basaki left for MSNBC.

White House Press Secretary Karen Jean-Pierre took over in May when Jen Basaki left for MSNBC. (Reuters/Kevin LaMarque)

After her viral appearance, Mandel said she was kicked out of existence after hearing her lecture Brianna Joy Gray on a heated microphone “Degrading parenting in general in colorful and vulgar terms, implying that parents only have children in order to perpetuate their own narcissism.”

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After the show, Psaki tweeted, “Let your wake up flag fly.”

Psaki left her post White House Press Secretary in May 2022.

White House press secretary Karen Jean-Pierre took over Psaki’s company after her departure.

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