Fear of spring cleaning? These 10 hacks will make it easier, starting at $7

A few of the ten tools that get me in the mood for spring cleaning! (photo: Amazon)

With the right tools, spring cleaning is easy. So fun!

Admittedly, in the past I’ve been a procrastinator when it comes to real cleaning, but I’ve found some very skilled helpers that make the job easier. The picks below let you dance while you clean (doormats), cut down on clutter (vacuum storage bags that actually work) and create your own potions (amber spray bottles).

I’ve included a ton of eco-friendly options here and a slew of fan favorites. You’ll save big bucks, too, because most of them are for sale on Amazon.

So, open those windows, turn on the music and watch the dirt and mess disappear.

Actually… before you open the windows, take a second to check out those blinds. If they don’t look their best, check them out A common tool for cleaning blinds. It has been very useful in my home. single conversionCalling it his “greatest invention,” he said, “Where has this blind cleaner been for the last 50 years????” while The grateful professional housekeeper raved: “Finally! A product that works on all types of blinds!…Microfiber is key to getting all the dust off, and the design of the product makes it super easy! Plus this tool can be used on different types of blinds because it’s flexible! I’ve used it on wooden shutters, And plastic horizontal door blinds, horizontal mini venetian blinds… This product deserves 10 stars!”

Now that you’ve whipped the blinds into shape, how about those windows? To get it strictly clean, here’s an easy and cheap hack. I use Amber 16-ounce refillable containers for my DIY concoctions. These are the perfect size, they have UV protection so your creations won’t tip over on you, and they won’t stick to old scents if you decide to switch them out. No wonder they have 25,000 five-star reviews (and counting)!

“Just what I wanted!” Fan writes. “The sprayer works very well with two spray options, stream and mist, and two off modes for ease of use. The pipette is long and slightly curved, so it reaches into the bottom to get the last drop of my homemade cleaners. I also love the bottle caps, which provide a tight seal For transportation and storage without leakage!

I’m thrown! So do my husband, my two children and my dog. the Shroom Basin The hair drain makes it easy to clean the bathroom by catching hair before Plugging drains. This thing has nearly 83,000 perfect reviews, and it’s now at 35% off! exclaimed one five-star reviewer: best hair trap I’ve ever used, and I’ve used almost every style…. The genius is that the hair and scum wrap around the tubular part which sits – invisibly – down inside the drain… I like that they are soft and don’t hurt toes if stepped on or I kicked her.”

After the last frost, I like to zip into duvets, blankets, sweaters, puffy coats, and the like SpaceSaver vacuum storage bags. This simple action adds a lot of space! “I’ve been doing some spring cleaning and these bags are great!” Share a happy user. “All of my winter clothes are in these bags which leaves plenty of room in my closet. I’ll be using the medium bags for travel, thanks to the handy pump!”

When I need motivation, it helps to have a passionate sidekick: The Juve Robovac 11s. It’s their “slim” model, which means it fits under every chair and in every corner, while also collecting plenty of dirt and pet hair in the large 0.6-liter trash can without requiring me to empty it as often. The Eufy Slim is an Amazon bestseller and is currently on sale – so now’s your chance to find out what all the fuss is about! Adds one of more than 35,000 five-star fans: “Best decision we ever made buying this… I was amazed at how well it works out how to get out of the jam it gets into.”

I love to dance. Anything that allows me to moonwalk while scanning footprints is a must. this Multicolor pack of four pairs of cute and reusable mop slippers The whole family gets cleaned up. (My daughter actually ordered these and ordered dibs on the purple one.) a Floors writes a five-star user: “You won’t believe how dirty clean floors are!”

Pet hair and lint aren’t just on the floor. We have 2 cats and a giant puppy, so he clumps on the upholstery, bedding, and our clothes. But now I have a real solution. I finally left my incredibly wasteful drum of tape in favor Cool and reusable ChomChom. I highly recommend it, as well as its nearly 104,000 five-star fans on Amazon!

“ChomChom, you’re the real MVP,” Fan writes. “[In two hours] I cleaned everything. The couch, the curtains, the cat tree pillow, the chair, I’m obsessed. I feel like this thing should win an award for being so cool. I feel like it should be in sweepstakes, gift baskets, and silent auctions for every event that highlights “things a cat needs.” It’s better than those sticky rollers, it’s better than the one-way velvet stick I always use the wrong way and make a mess, it’s the best….”

It’s time to tackle the kitchen! When it comes to scrubbers, i love the sustainable workhorse too. this Adorable and reusable squill peeler measures 6 x 5 inches (Made from leftovers from the towel industry!) It lasts longer than other scrubbers, and it’s safe for all types of kitchenware—from nonstick and cast iron skillets to stovetops and tiles! It’s dishwasher safe too.

“I appreciate this little scrubber a lot more than I thought,” one fan wrote. “It has the benefits of texture like a scrub brush/sponge with the ability to be used like a scraper. It can clean a pan or baking sheet more quickly than using a scraper alone, and it feels impermeable to dirt. It can reach corners better than a brush, and it can be used inside bottles, glasses, etc. It hasn’t scratched any of the surfaces I’ve used it on so far (enamel, glass, porcelain, non-stick, stainless steel)…it doesn’t retain smells or smells unlike a sponge.”

Once you wipe everything clean, you won’t want to put a big mess of random pot lids and lids back into your cabinets. Gotta rank it, right? this Expandable lid holder It’s made its way into my Amazon shopping cart and I’m more excited than I should be. But I’m not alone….

said one of the 19,900-plus five-star reviewers: “In less than 15 minutes, I took my nightmare lid drawer and turned it into practical, convenient storage. The dividers were easy to install and provided flexibility. Slowly but surely I came to take control of my messy little kitchen, and that got me a huge leap closer.”

Once the house is tidy and presentable, you’ll want to match your car’s surroundings. What about the designated car vac? ThisWorx’s Lightweight Car Vac It has a HEPA filter and three easy-to-use attachments, so no one ever needs to know you’re eating cookies while driving!

“Just what I need!” Five stars wrote a fan. Keeping up with the interior vacuuming is key….and easy…cute little tools come with the vacuum, a long cord from the cigarette lighter to reach anywhere in the car and a cute little orange zip-up bag. Hide behind the passenger seat…take 3 -4 minutes a week: Done. You’ll always love driving a clean car inside!”

If you have Amazon PrimeYou’ll get free shipping, of course. Not a member yet? No problem. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial here. (And by the way, those who don’t have it president You can still get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

The revisions quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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