Fairleigh Dickinson uses alleged FAU trash talk as motivation for March Madness

The Farley Dickinson Knights and their coach, Tobin Anderson, are the unlikely stars of March Madness.

It was the cavalry pressure on afraid Since they have surpassed Texas Southern as a First Four team.

Then they did the unthinkable, Annoying not. 1 Bordeaux.

But can they make history again?

The Florida Atlantic University Owls don’t think so, according to Coach Anderson and his staff.

“They were on the ground right before we came out here. Thomas heard them talking there.”

[An assistant coach continued] “I was walking in the back. You guys were in the rally. They were walking down the hallway. All they said was, ‘They’re ready to go home.'” They’ve done their thing, but they look like they’re ready to go home.” That’s all they kept saying to each other.

The players stuttered in the background, and one of them said, “Oh word?” Curiously.

“Are we ready to go home?” Coach Anderson asked his group. “We don’t look and act like a team ready to go home.”

Anderson continued, “Like I told you, it’s going to be really tough. It’s going to take a hell of an effort… No 16 seed has ever made it to the Sweet 16. You can do something that hasn’t been done before.”

Fairleigh Dickinson became the second number. 16 seed in the NCAA tournament defeating No. 1, hitting Purdue on Friday night.
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Anderson mentioned during his pre-match speech that it was all about the four-minute intervals tonight.

“Four minutes games, right? Win four minutes at a time.”

The Knights will need a massive effort from guards Demeter Roberts and Grant Singleton, who will match up with a heavy guard lineup from the Owls.

Vegas don’t think history will be made tonight.

The Owls are the 15.5-point favorite heading into tonight’s game, which kicks off at 7:45 p.m. ET on truTV.

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