Drew Barrymore poses with an ‘angry’ Hugh Grant after his viral Oscars interview

Drew Barrymore commits to actor Hugh Grant amid backlash at his Oscars 2023 interview with supermodel Ashley Graham.

Grant, 62, was interviewed By Graham on the Oscars red carpet, many onlookers noted that he returned her with short answers and apparently rolled his eyes after wrapping it up.

When Graham asked the “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” actor what he was wearing, he simply replied, “My suit.”

His embarrassing interview drew criticism among many – including Piers Morgan.

However, Barrymore, 48, had some thoughts of getting involved in Grant’s defense during Friday’s episode of her talk show, The Drew Barrymore Show.

“I swear, if you knew Hugh, that’s his way of loving you,” Barrymore said during the episode. “I swear, well, it’s also funny, because there’s this thing going on with him and Ashley Graham on the red carpet, and people are like, He’s so despicable and she got dumped.”

Drew Barrymore has defended the character of Hugh Grant after his viral interview with Ashley Graham at the 2023 Academy Awards red carpet.
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The talk show host continued, “No, that’s Hugh Grant. You think you’re getting this charming movie star and what you’re really getting is grumpy Hugh and then you fall in love with grumpy Hugh. When he says that, I tell you he’s totally funny, and he doesn’t mean anything negative about him.” .

She added that the actor Graham confronted on the red carpet was the “real” Hugh and proceeded to call him a “funny good human being”.

The Post has reached out to representatives for both Barrymore and Grant for comment.

Ashley Graham
The actor faced backlash after his interview with Ashley Graham on the Oscars red carpet, with some believing he gave her short answers.
Movie Magic

Her response came when she was initially asked about his comment on her singing in the 2007 movie they starred in together, Music and Songs, that he recently said she had Terrible singing voice.

“Drew Barrymore was with me in that movie, and I don’t think she would mind if I said her singing is awful. I hear dogs bark better than she sings,” Grant said of his former co-star during an interview with Wired this week.

Barrymore took it, too Instagram page To share a funny comeback to Grant’s comments about her singing.

In the video she posted, Barrymore sang the song from the movie into a hairbrush, writing in the caption, “#SingForHughGrant join me.”

Since appearing at the 2023 Academy Awards, Grant has not spoken publicly about his encounter with Graham.

He appeared on “The View” just a few days later, but wasn’t asked on the red carpet — which the talk show hosts said Swipe on social media.

Grant appeared "the view" A few days after the Academy Awards, he was not asked about his interview with Graham.
Grant appeared on “The View” a few days after the Academy Awards, and was not asked about his interview with Graham.
WireImage for Vanity Fair

But Graham did what he says when asked about it TMZ.

“You know what, my mom asked me to kill people with kindness, so go over there,” said the model.

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