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Donald Trump is doing something different as the former president runs for the White House for the third time

If he ran for the White House for the third time, Former President Donald Trump He seems to be embracing a campaign tradition he mostly avoided during his first two presidential campaigns: small-scale retail politics.

While Trump was known for his big rallies during his 2016 run Presidential election campaign And his failed 2020 re-election bid, he rarely stopped to talk to voters in restaurants, restaurants, coffee shops and fast-food joints.

During last week’s trip to Iowa — his first to the state to fall off the GOP presidential nomination calendar since launching his 2024 White House campaign in mid-November — Trump’s broadside occurred at Davenport’s Adler Theater and his comments aimed at a potential challenger. Florida. Ron DeSantis made headlines.

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Former President Donald Trump speaks on the campaign trail Monday, March 13, 2023, in Davenport, Iowa. (AP Photo/Ron Johnson) (AP)

But just as talkative about his campaign was his surprise stop before gathering to the Machine Shed restaurant, a popular chain in the hook State, Where he mingled with the shepherds.

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Last month, after visiting the site of a train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, Trump stopped at a fast-food McDonald’s.

First on the Fox: The Parker is heading to New Hampshire after stopping in Iowa, Nevada

After his campaign kick-off event South Carolina in january. 28, the former president — whose love of fast food is well documented — surprised staff and customers when he stopped at Zesto of West Columbia, a restaurant known for its fried chicken, burgers and chocolate-covered ice cream cones.

Trump 2024 campaign spokesperson Stephen Cheung told Fox News: “These types of visits attract a lot of attention, not only media-wise but also on social media. It’s a place for rallies.”

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“It’s just another tool in the toolbox to get the president out there, to meet people and interact with them face to face,” Cheung emphasized.

Trump announced this week that he will hold a large-scale rally in Waco, Texas, on March 25 — and his campaign said on Saturday that no potential indictment from the Manhattan attorney general’s office would not interrupt those plans.

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