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Dan Bongino predicts Trump’s possible arrest will galvanize al Qaeda and could make him a ‘martyr’

On “Fox & Friends Weekend” Saturday morning, Fox News host Dan Bongino compared the United States to a police state before his arrest. Donald Trump next week.

The former president took to Truth Social on Saturday morning, confirming reports from sources that he might be arrested next Tuesday.

Trump responded by calling the investigation “corrupt” and “extremely political”.

Reports indicate that Manhattan District Attorney’s Office It is preparing to file an indictment in the ongoing criminal investigation of alleged silent money payments Trump made to Stormy Daniels as a presidential candidate in 2016.

Elon Musk of Twitter predicted Trump would win re-election in a “landslide victory” if arrested

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg during a press conference in New York on Thursday, September. 8, 2022. (Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Bongino likened the news of Trump’s possible arrest to “Third World BS”.

“This is the kind of story you used to read in North Korea, but it’s here in the US now. And the fact that media people and liberals are going to celebrate this shows you what I’ve been saying all along and the truism of the left.”

Bongino shared what he thinks would happen if the ex-boss was caught.

“It’s like your whole life is subject to a jury lottery,” he said.

“It’s probably over already. He’s probably going to be found guilty by a bunch of crazy people in a jury and his best hope is an appeals process where all he can hope for is that the appellate judge, too, isn’t as crazy as the people in a group Crazy juries who will probably convict him.”

Graham blasts soft Bragg on offense for targeting Trump while ‘lucky’ New York ‘won’t get ridiculed’

Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump, who are at the center of the first possible historic indictment against a former US president.

Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump, who are at the center of the first possible historic indictment against a former US president. (AP)

Bongino predicted that the arrest would not stop Donald Trump’s base, but it could make him a martyr.

“You may have just cited this guy and gave him 10 points in the polls,” he said.

Bongino urged people to protest “peacefully”, warning that the government was looking for an excuse to put people in jail.

Former President Trump He called for protests Saturday morning on Truth Social amid the looming indictment.


“Don’t give them any ammunition,” Bongino said. “Bring in. Protests should come to you, but please do it in peace.”

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