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‘Dad jokes’ help children develop into healthy adults: study

A recent study says that despite the embarrassment that “dad jokes” can cause, It may be useful for some children in the future.

Humor researcher Marc Hye-Knudsen published a study in British Psychological Societies Magazine this week arguing that “dad jokes” actually have a positive effect on development.

Hay Knudsen wrote: “When viewed properly, father jokes are a complex, multi-layered, and fascinating phenomenon that reveals much not only about how humor works and joke-telling but also about the psychology of fathers and their relationships with their children.”

Dad jokes are usually harmless and vulgar puns. they healthy and age-appropriate, Which makes it suitable for parents to tell their children.

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A new study suggests that corny “dad jokes” can benefit kids by teaching them how to work through embarrassment. (iStock)

“It’s also what makes Dad’s jokes vulnerable to accusations of being stupid, lame, and unfunny,” the study noted.

Hye-Knudsen suggests that when parents embarrass their children with unfunny jokes, it teaches them how to work through the embarrassment.

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“By constantly telling their children jokes so bad that they are embarrassed, parents may be pushing their children’s limits on how much embarrassment they can tolerate,” the article said. They show their children that embarrassment is not fatal.

Portrait of happy father giving son piggyback ride on his shoulders and looking up.

Portrait of happy father giving son piggyback ride on his shoulders and looking up. (iStock)

The study ends by encouraging parents to continue helping their children grow by telling embarrassing jokes.

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The paper concluded, “You participate in a long and proud tradition, and your shamefully outrageous jokes may benefit them.” “Keep repeating the same old pun, year after year.”

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