Corey Graves Calls Jay Uso “The Best, Most Complete Superstar In The Game Right Now” – Wrestling Inc.

while Roman Reigns is still the “head of the table” And leader of The Bloodline faction, other WWE Superstars have been raised by working alongside and against Reigns since his heel turn in 2020. One of the stars who has arguably been the brightest star is Reigns’ cousin, Hi Uso, who has since been dubbed “The Main Event” due to a number of high-profile matches in the past few years. While Jey is not currently in the WWE Undisputed World Championship picture due to him being one half of the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Champions along with brother Jimmy, his work in the ring and character has been praised by many, including the “WWE Raw” Korean commentator.

“Jey Uso may be the best, most complete star in the game right now,” Graves said.WWE after the bell with Corey Graves. “There are very few people who have captivated me as deeply as Jey Uso, and let’s be honest: Jey has been a staple of the entire Bloodline story since the beginning. … Jey Uso does the Lord’s work, man. His facial expressions, emotions, remarks – When Jey Uso speaks now, there is no one in the world who can disagree with what Jey is saying because Jey believes in him with every fiber of his being, … Jey Uso really lives up to the title of “Main Event Jey lately”.

On the last episode of “WWE Raw” J turned on Sami Zaynbased on a potential tag team title match pitting The Usos against Zayn and Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 39. While G had apparently chosen to ride the wave of The Bloodline after turning on Zayn, he nailed Reigns in the back with a chair in a recent standout live event. from the Elimination Chamber, which could indicate a future showdown between Raines and G.I.

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