CNN’s Burnett: Evidence revealing Biden’s Chinese money ‘doesn’t look good’

CNN news anchor Erin Burnett acknowledged this revealing piece of evidence about the Biden family He received more than a million dollars An account linked to Hunter Biden’s Chinese business deals “doesn’t look good” to the president’s family.

On her CNN show “Erin Burnett Outfront,” Burnett was discussing financial records that reveal payments to the Biden family from a CCP-linked company.

When Burnett asked her guest Ryan Goodman, co-editor-in-chief of “Just Security,” about the revelation, she admitted to him that it “didn’t look good.”

Goodman responded that while nothing “legally harmful” was unlikely to be found in the records, they were “probably immoral”.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) revealed on Thursday On March 1, 2017 — just weeks after Joe Biden left Barack Obama’s vice presidency — State Energy HK Limited, a subsidiary of the Chinese Communist Party-backed CEFC China Energy, sent $3 million to a Biden family associate, Rob walker.

Three members of President Biden’s family have received money from the company linked to the Chinese Communist Party.
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Walker then proceeded to disburse the money to a number of Biden associates and members of the Biden family, including Hunter Biden, the brother of President James Biden and the widow of his late son, Haley Biden, Beau Biden.

the post Exclusively revealed On Thursday, Biden’s daughter-in-law Haley received $35,000 early from a Chinese energy company, according to bank records released by Kummer.

Hunter Biden
State Energy HK Limited transferred $3 million to Hunter Biden’s business partner, Rob Walker, in 2017.
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“On a certain level, as a normal person, you hear this and it doesn’t sound right,” Burnett said on the show.

“There’s a guy named John Robinson Walker. He got three million dollars from a Chinese space company and proceeded to deliver it to a group of people called Biden, one of them is Hunter Biden, the other is a company belonging to the president’s brother. James BidenAnd another sum of money for Beau Biden’s widow, Haley.”

“Again, from a layperson, this doesn’t sound good,” she continued, before asking Goodman if he found the records “legally harmful.”

Erin Burnett
CNN’s Erin Burnett admitted that the bank records “don’t look good.”
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He replied, “It doesn’t have to be legally harmful like when I look at all the alleged facts in the four-page memorandum it probably looks immoral.” But it is difficult to identify it with any illegal crime.

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