Charlotte Says Leadership Transition From Vince McMahon To Triple H Wasn’t Hard – Wrestling Inc.

Since Charlotte Flair’s return to WWE, it’s been business as usual for her, and she’s remained at the forefront of the women’s division. However, there were major changes behind the scenes during her absence, as Vince McMahon “retired” and Paul “Triple H” Levesque took over the creative charge. As WWE’s Director of Content. While this led to some obvious differences, Flair insisted “daily Mail” It is “certainly not a hard transition”.

“I think it’s different for me because I’m already established. Triple H was the main one early on, He is my boss now, whether it’s Triple H or Vince, I think the biggest change in talent in leadership is more new talent. There was an influx of new talent and familiar faces during Flair’s break from the ring, with fans Emma and Tegan Knox returning while people like Dakota Kai and IYO SKY made appearances on the main roster. However, Flair’s personality has remained very similar since her return, albeit as a babyface, “We don’t really change Charlotte all the way,” she said.

“I’ve been in both eras. My job is to make and deliver the best products,” she said. “My job is to make Triple H happy now. If he’s Vince, then my job is to make Vince happy. The transition is very easy. From a character standpoint, it hasn’t changed, but the transition from one boss to the next has been easy for me.” Considering she won the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship on her first night in WWE, it’s clear that upper management now has the same level of flair as the previous regime. She’s currently preparing for her next main event match at WrestleMania, with Flair defending against Rhea Ripley in what could be Probably the main event of the first night.

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