Carjacker tries to escape from the cops on a skateboard after disposing of the stolen truck

Forget the escape car.

A man wanted for carjacking attempted to flee police on a skateboard in Los Angeles last month.

In a video released by the police On Friday, Pedro Villalobos could be seen suddenly jumping out of a stolen pickup truck clutching a skateboard after losing control of the vehicle in a police chase.

Half a dozen cops, who had pursued Villalobos in an erratic and dangerous pursuit at 6 a.m., raised their weapons as he let go of the truck as he towed an attached trailer.

“Whoa whoa! Let me see your hands!” The policemen’s warning could be heard.

Instead, Villalobos — donning a hard-to-miss reflective yellow vest — took off on the darkened street and hopped seamlessly on a skateboard, the video shows.

The kidnapper was nearly hit several times while being pursued by LAPD officers.
YouTube/Los Angeles Police Department

Pedro Villalobos is tackled by an officer as he tries to escape on his skateboard.
Pedro Villalobos is tackled by an officer as he tries to escape on his skateboard.
YouTube/Los Angeles Police Department

“Several officers pursued Villalobos on foot while additional units bypassed Villalobos,” the Los Angeles Police Department said in a statement.

The accused fraudster didn’t make it very far, though.

The officer driving past Villalobos’ path jumped from his cruiser and pushed him off his board as he tried to get around the policeman.

Villalobos fell to the ground and four officers quickly covered him.

The suspect was taken to the hospital for treatment for a right leg injury he sustained in the fall, which led to a police investigation of the incident—the department is required to investigate all law enforcement-related injuries.

He was later booked on two counts of auto theft and one count of reckless evasion.

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