Big Mac inflation attack: The price of premium burgers goes up

That’s a lotta lettuce.

average price McDonald’s Big Mac A new study shows that the US is now valued at about $5.15, or roughly 22% more since the pre-pandemic era.

The price of signature burgers varies from state to state, with Hawaii’s Big Mac fetching the most – $5.31, According to CashNetUSA.

New York is the second most expensive state to buy a burger, at $5.23, followed by New Jersey at $5.19 and California at $5.11.

Of the more than 13,000 McDonald’s in the United States, those in Mississippi were found to have the cheapest Big Mac, at $3.91.

After Mississippi, the best bang for your buck can be found in Arkansas, where the Big Mac is available for $3.95, while Alabama, Missouri and South Dakota tie in for the third cheapest option at $3.99.

Central American states such as Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma have listed a Big Mac at $4.07.

Mississippi has the cheapest Big Mac at $3.91.

world prices.
Big Mac prices in Europe are $7.75.

Prices are a far cry from the 45 cents a Big Mac originally cost when it debuted in 1967 in Pennsylvania.

The increasing cost to citizens has been driven by the current inflation remains stubbornly high by 6%.

Since its inception 55 years ago, the burger has been rolled out at more than 38,000 McDonald’s around the world – and the Big Mac eventually became the point of interest for economists.

Inflation remains high at 6%.
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The Big Mac Index, created by The Economist in 1986, is a way to measure whether currencies around the world are at their “correct” level, using the price of the Big Mac in the United States as a point of comparison.

While Americans may bemoan the high cost of the famous Big Mac, they still are Better fare than fares abroad In Europe, where the price of a burger in Switzerland and Liechtenstein is $7.75.

The latest indicator shows that the currencies of Switzerland, Uruguay, Norway, Sweden and Denmark are overvalued against the US dollar.

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