Biden’s “centrist” shenanigans are just a cover for the same old hard-left trajectory

President Joe Biden’s shenanigans toward the center may be a progressive howl, but don’t be fooled: Joe is an expert at trimming, and whatever “centrist” moves he makes are just a front for an ongoing progressive agenda.

Take his frontier disaster. migratory flows They began not only to overwhelm the border towns but to put great pressure on cities – such as New York – anywhere near the southern frontier.

Biden’s hardline response has been to slightly increase the number of expulsions of immigrants from Venezuela, Cuba, Haiti and Nicaragua while moving to legalize many future immigrants from those countries.

And his high-profile policy on issues, which he calls “total immigration reform,” will more or less end illegal immigration by making it everyone Legally

Oh, and now management is hinting at that may be Start detaining some illegal border crossers, even entire families – after ending the practice as soon as it takes over.

That would infuriate the left – but the plan would still allow detainees to be released after three weeks: not much of a deterrent.

On offense, prez pushed the Democratic Senate right to pass Republican House bill Prevent Washington, D.C.’s insane rollback of penalties for violent crime.

But this is for once.

Notably, Biden’s proposed budget would spend billions on “upstream violence prevention and reduction programs” (i.e., various forms of liberal humour that does nothing to stop crime) and aims to “promote strategies for transforming juvenile justice.”

Read the latter as “Try to take New York’s disastrous age-raising law nationwide.”

On power, left gig OK on a dig site in AlaskaOne.

But he immediately turned around and indefinitely blocked 16 million acres of federal land in the region from energy exploration.

His larger agenda, from insane federal agitation to blanket blocking of new carbon fuel projects, is still the same.

It doesn’t matter that to him Brutal energy policy It has been the main driver of the price pain that ordinary Americans have been feeling for more than a year.

As for the nation’s financial situation, the picture is the same.

Biden loves to talk about how to reduce the deficit.

Except that his proposed budget doesn’t actually cut any fat, it actually boosts the deficit for the first two years — which are the two factors that really matter, because his future budgets will almost certainly add new spending.

However, he wants the new spending to eliminate most of what he proposes $5.5 trillion in tax increaseswhich analysts call the largest (by dollar) in US history.

And those crazy highs include taxing not realized Capital gains (which would require the IRS to be given broad new powers).

And over and over again.

Biden is ready to upset the loudest and meanest elements of his party, but still leaves them in the driving seat.

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