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Babies in ‘grave danger’ after red state judge blocks abortion parental consent law: Pro-life activist

Despite being a red state, Montana has flipped around on the topic of abortion for months and failed to pass pro-life legislation in the midterms of 2022. But pro-life activist Leila Rose believes residents are “choosing pro-life protections when allowed access to the pro-life message.” .

a Montana judge It recently expanded access to abortion to minors by discontinuing a law that requires parental consent for individuals 16 and under to have an abortion.

“Pro-abortion forces are running rampant in Montana, with a judge even ordering young girls to have abortions without parental consent,” said Rose, president of Live Action. “This is an incredibly damaging policy that opens the door to rampant human trafficking and puts children of all ages at grave risk.”

Montana voters refused The Survivors’ Child Protection Act in November, which would have required medical professionals to save a baby born alive after a failed abortion attempt. Although the measure imposed no ban on abortion, it failed by nearly 20,000 votes, with 53% against it and 47% in favor of its passage.

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Lela Rose is the President of Live Action. (living verb or direct event)

Rose believes that Montanaans would not have voted against Pro-life polling scale Were they properly informed of its purpose?

“Americans, including my friends in the great state of Montana, are choosing pro-life protections when they are allowed access to the pro-life message. The pro-life side was more spent and under-reached in Montana during the midterms of 2022. Because of that loss, children in Montanas are not protected from the brutal violence of abortion, up until the moment of birth and beyond.”

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The Montana House recently introduced the “Children’s Safety and Care Act,” legislation similar to what was seen in the November ballotIn an effort to protect children born alive after botched abortions.

HB 575 was also introduced as an act to prohibit “the abortion of an unborn child, unless necessary to preserve the life of the mother” and to clarify the definition of fetal viability as the point at which a fetus can survive outside the womb.

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Republican legislators On the Judiciary Committee of the State House also made progress with HB 721, which seeks to ban abortion after 12 weeks of gestation and “prohibit interrupted abortion procedures.”

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