Anthony Volpe and Oswald Peraza make Yankees shortstop dilemma ‘harder’

Dunedin, Florida. —Faced with inquiries as to when the Yankees shortstop will be known to be the winner, Aaron Boone answered with another question.

When should lists be submitted? The manager said on Saturday.

It’s unlikely that the Yankees would actually wait until the morning of March 30, hours before their first Opening Day show, to reveal the identity of the starting shortstop, but Boone’s message was clear: This could take a while.

While the Yankees world waits and debates Anthony Volpe versus Oswald Peraza, Volpe impressed again – this time especially on base lanes – during a 5-2 loss to the Blue Jays at TD Ballpark.

Volpe, who hit the lead, worked a walk and then worked into Toronto right-hander Bowden Francis.

Anthony Volpe is one potential Yankees Opening Day starting shortstop.
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Volpe danced off first base and forced Francis to throw two runs – meaning another failed attempt would move Volpe to second.

Volpe took the lead in a big way.

With Francis focusing on the runner on first, Aaron Judge hit a two-run double off the left field wall.

“When you have a guy up front who can distract a pitcher from trying to make a pitch, especially with our lineup, in the middle of our lineup, it’s only going to be good for us,” Judge said. volpi. “It’s just going to give us more chances to pitch on the board.”

Boone laughed when asked about Volpi’s habit of annoying shooters.

As a minor leaguer this past season, Volpe stole 50 total bases with the bases MLB is now pinning.

“It’s great. It’s great,” Boone said of Volpe, who went 1-for-3 with a walk and raised it to . 990. “You can tell he really loves all the little things in the game.”

As for outside discussions about the onset of the shortstop, the Yankees debate has yet to officially begin.

The Yankees will have a big meeting, “probably early next week,” Boone said, to clear up the roster uncertainty.

Several departments, including ownership, will be represented, with Hal Steinbrenner expected to attend.

There are other arguments on the list, including the fourth and last bowler, but the short battle was captivating.

Boone said it could last until the end of camp — and even after that.

The Grapefruit League ends March 27, then the Yankees will head to Washington for an exhibition against the Nationals on March 28.

Minnesota Twins Oswald Peraza throws Donovan Solano for a field goal in the first inning of a spring training baseball game in Fort Myers, Florida.
Minnesota Twins Oswald Peraza throws Donovan Solano for a field goal in the first inning of a spring training baseball game in Fort Myers, Florida.

Boone said they would likely bring in two additional players for that game, indicating that Peraza and Volpi could remain with the big league club and await a decision.

The manager said he didn’t know yet what he would prefer.

“I feel really good about both players,” said Boone. “That somehow makes it more difficult.”

Volpe looked at home at the top of the squad on Saturday, although he likely won’t be found there much this season.

DJ LeMahieu, who did not pitch, is usually the lead hitter.

Aaron Boone speaking to reporters on Saturday.

“His future lies in reaching the top or middle of the rankings,” Bonn said of Volpe. “He controls the hit zone. He’s obviously a really good hitter. In his case, a really good runner and a base stealer.”

If Volpe has the advantage with his bat, Peraza is seen as the better short-shooting defender.

The 22-year-old Venezuelan, who didn’t pitch on Saturday, usually has a shortstop when paired with Volpe, who moved to second base.

Volpe has put a lot of effort into his arm strength and has a quick layoff, but Peraza has a stronger arm.

“They both have instincts. Yankees head coach Travis Chapman, who previously served as the organization’s minor league coordinator, said:

“They are both capable of pulling off the tough tiebreaker-type plays that some other shortstops can’t, and they do them in slightly different ways. It’s so much fun watching them play together.”

Both got ahead of Isiah Kenner Valeva, who jumped back into the field and played second base on Saturday, a day after he began his trial at the center field.

The theoretical tie is likely to go to Peraza, who is already on the 40-man roster.

If the Yankees pick Volpe, the 21-year-old New Jerseyian, they’ll have to free up space on the 40-man roster.

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