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A terrifying clip of a Los Angeles meteorologist’s collapse goes viral on live TV

a Los Angeles A CBS meteorologist was rushed to the hospital after fainting on air Saturday in a terrifying moment that went viral on social media.

Weather lady Alyssa Carlson-Schwartz stunned viewers when she collapsed on live TV after her KCAL announcer cut her off for a weather report about… Rain in Los Angeles This week during 7:00 am.

Schwartz, who was visibly pale, leaned forward and her eyes were seen rolling to the back of her head. It appears that she tried to catch herself from falling but her head fell on her desk before she lost consciousness and fell to the ground.

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Meteorologist Alyssa Carlson-Schwartz’s eyes rolled to the back of her head before she lost consciousness. (screen capture: KCAL Los Angeles)

Schwartz’s announcers, Nichelle Medina and Rachel Kim, didn’t seem immediately aware of what had happened, perhaps at first they thought Schwartz was reacting to an incoming weather forecast. They soon realized something was very wrong and told the viewers, “We’re going to take a quick break now.” TMZ reported that the morning show is not returning to the live segment.

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Alyssa Carlson-Schwartz passed out during a televised weather report.

Alyssa Carlson-Schwartz passed out during a televised weather report. (screen capture: KCAL Los Angeles)

CBS Los Angeles vice president and news director Mike Dello Stretto told the outlet that Schwartz’s co-workers rushed to call 911 and that she was being treated at a local hospital, but did not provide further details about the cause of her collapse.

Schwartz posted on Facebook Sunday, “Thanks for all the well wishes while I recover from a head injury. I’m out of the hospital and doing great. Plenty of sleep and even some pizza – TY.” It is unclear if the collapse was caused by a head injury or if she sustained a head injury from a fall.

“I appreciate all the prayers as I recover,” she wrote. “More is coming…”

TMZ reported that Schwartz had another medical incident in 2014 while working for another network when she reportedly vomited live during a weather report and was later diagnosed with Leaky heart valve.

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In a Facebook post on Sunday, Schwartz said the latest breakup had nothing to do with her heart.

“Thankfully not my heart this time,” she wrote, adding that she will sleep a lot because she takes time to recover.

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