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A man who hates puppies has been criticized on Reddit for insulting a dog owner in a tragic garden accident

Reddit sticker doesn’t exactly win friends and influence people.

Writing on a subreddit known as AITA (“Am I he—–e”), a man using the username “Other_Computer_7702” sought others’ opinion after a dramatic encounter in a park involving his infant son and a bunch of aggressive and Absolute puppies owned by a stranger.

He prefaced his letter by saying, “I hate dogs. I can’t stand them. I think they suck. I avoid them. I do anything I can to not have them in my life.”

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Having said that, he then described what happened “in the neighborhood garden.”

He said he and his wife They were there with their six-month-old son, he said.

“The best kid in the whole world,” he wrote.

A man described an experience in a park in which a stranger puppy rushed at him, his wife and their infant son while they were lounging on a picnic blanket. “I hate dogs. I can’t stand them,” the man wrote on Reddit. (iStock)

Three of them “She was having a picnic,” the man wrote, and “it was going really well.”

He told them, “Child [was] On a big blanket and having the time of his life rolling around, playing and laughing. He. She [was] A blast seeing him so happy.”

This is when things apparently got ugly.

“Next thing I know there’s a couple of pups coming right at us. They’re being unleashed.”

The man wrote, “Next thing I know there’s a pair of puppies coming right at us. Unleashed, their owner is standing on the walkway looking at them running towards us.”

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The man wrote on Reddit that he “wasn’t paying attention [the dogs] Until they were pretty much on our blanket. At that moment I held my son and yelled “WTF” to the man. The man added on his Reddit post that he seemed horrified that I didn’t enjoy the trick “he and his dogs pulled”.

The Redditor continued, “My wife is yelling at him, I’m yelling at him. I’m straight.” [said], I hate your dogs, can you get it? “

A man on Reddit described a tragic incident at a park involving his young son and his wife — and another man's very friendly dogs.

A man on Reddit described a tragic incident at a park involving his young son and his wife — and another man’s very friendly dogs. (iStock)

The man said that “strangers’ dogs are sitting on our blanket expecting him to pet her. I started walking towards the man and yelling at him to get his dogs.”

The Reddit poster continued, “He’s starting to get mad at us. He says they’re friendly and just want to play, and won’t hurt anyone.” [But] I told him he just ruined our lunch.”

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The Redditor added that the man tried to justify “his and the dogs’ behavior by saying they were dogs.”

“Finally he caught his dogs and said, ‘Who doesn’t love puppies?'”

However, one Redditor wrote, “I don’t care. I just want to.”[ed] He and his dogs are gone.”

He said he “cursed” the man “constantly”.

The man apparently told the Redditor to “calm down” — but he wasn’t able to do so.

"In hindsight, I might be too aggressive," A guy wrote on Reddit about his behavior towards some very friendly little pups.

“In hindsight, I may be being too aggressive,” a man wrote on Reddit of his behavior towards some friendly little pups. (Fox News)

“I keep cursing,” the Redditor wrote, “and he finally took his dogs and said, ‘Who doesn’t love puppies? “

Looks like the guy “finally” left – but he “spoiled our lunch”.


The Redditor wrote, “In hindsight, I may have been a little too aggressive with him.” Then he asked the others what they thought of what had happened.

He did not mention the location of the accident or anything else about the dog’s owner.

Fox News Digital reached out to a New York-based psychiatrist to get some insight into the incident.

On Reddit, a lot of people have chimed in with their opinions.

“You had an overreaction of the century.”

Nearly 6,000 people responded to the post; About 3,000 comments poured in.

One commenter wrote that a dog owner “shouldn’t let his dogs roam a dog-free park” — but then addressed the original Reddit poster with a no-holds-barred comment.

A man writing on Reddit didn't appreciate when some puppies ran into his infant son during a walk in the park.  However, the guy hasn't gained much sympathy on Reddit, given his reaction. "The man seems a little irrational and immature," said one commenter of the post.

A man writing on Reddit didn’t appreciate when some puppies ran into his infant son during a walk in the park. However, the guy hasn’t gained much sympathy on Reddit, given his reaction. “The man seems rather irrational and immature,” said one commenter on the post. (iStock)

“Horn overreacted by ‘directly telling him you hate his dog’ and constantly cursing at him, especially next to your son,” one person wrote.

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Another wrote candidly, “I actually hate kids for the most part. I never yelled at a parent when their little one was walking towards me and tried to talk to me. I simply said, ‘Bye,’ I walked away…which is insulting to most parents.”

This particular commenter added, “I can’t imagine the reaction if you picked up my bag and ran screaming at the parent for controlling his sister because I hate your child!”

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Someone else shared a different view. “I love all animals, but an untrained, off-leash pup who wanders off on a walk with a six-month-old is a recipe for disaster.”

He wrote to another, “It’s to keep swearing and getting pregnant[ing] on and scream[ing]”I hate your dogs”, that’s the problem.

Another person said of the original poster, “The guy seems a little irrational and immature.”

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